Chronicle of Death Foretold Timeline (Final)

  • Three Years Before the Murder

    Three Years Before the Murder
    -Santiago's father, Ibrahim Nasar, dies
  • 6 Months Before the Murder

    6 Months Before the Murder
    -Bayardo San Román turned up for the first time in August of the year before: six months before the wedding.
    -He arrived on the weekly boat with some saddlebags
    -He was around 30 years although he looked younger.
  • End of August

    End of August
    -The narrator's mother writes a letter to him
    -Tells him that a strange man has come
    -The strange man was called Bayardo San Román, and he was looking for someone to marry. (27)
  • Towards the end of September, one day at 2pm

    Towards the end of September, one day at 2pm
    -Rocking in chair, Bayardo sees Angela Vicario and her mother
    -Decides to marry Angela
  • National Holiday (Día de la Raza)

    National Holiday (Día de la Raza)
    -Bayardo San Román and Angela Vicario meet at a bazaar
    -He buys all the raffle tickets, makes sure he gets music box
    -She finds gift-wrapped music box at her door
    -Vicario go to Bayardo's hotel to return gift (2,29)
  • At Dawn

    At Dawn
    -The Vicarios return drunk with Bayardo, fail to return music box (2,30)
  • 11:00am (Date was unspecified)

    11:00am (Date was unspecified)
    -Bayardo introduces family
    -His family arrives in <ahref='' >Mode T Ford</a>
    -Mother is big, mulatto woman
    -Sisters are provocative, restless
    -Father is civil war hero, general of high regards (2,33)
    -His father is
  • Later in October

    Later in October
    Social Club
    -Bayardo San Roman goes to a social club and sits down with the widower Xius
    -Bayardo asks if he could purchase Xius' house. However, the widower refuses saying “It hasn’t got a price” (36).
  • 2 Months Before the Murder

    2 Months Before the Murder
    Farmhouse-Xius dies.
    -He sold the house with everything in it, and didn’t even have enough space to keep the consolation money. (37)
  • Period: to

    Last Week of January

    Nasar turned 21 (7) -People assured her that almost all women lost their virginity in childhood accidents(38). Angel Vicario was very scared of keeping a big secret before the wedding.
    -Her mother tells her tricks to feign her lost possession, so that she could display open the linen sheet with the stain of honor (38).
  • Sunday Morning, the Day of the Wedding

    Sunday Morning, the Day of the Wedding
    -People are getting ready for the wedding.
    -General Petronio San Roman and his family arrive that time on the National Congress’s ceremonial boat (39)
  • 18:00pm

    -The newlyweds appear and they make their way through the tumult
    -Bayardo San Roman shot rockets, drank liquor, and got out of the car with Angela Vicario
    -Did the La Cumbiamba dance with the rest of the guests
  • 12 Midday

    12 Midday
    -The only unforeseen surprise at the wedding was caused by the groom on the morning of the wedding, for he was two hours late in coming for Angela Vicario (41)
    -She did not get dressed until she saw him coming, because it is very shameful to be jilted in a bridal gown.
  • 22:00pm

    -Angela Vicario sends for a suitcase filled with her everyday clothes
    -Pura Vicario had fallen into a very deep sleep
    -There were then three knocks at Pura’s door and Bayardo San Roman was standing there "with Angela Vicario in the shadows (45)."
    -She was naked and he tossed her at Pura angrily, having found out that she is not a virgin
    -Angela blames this on Santiago
  • 23:00pm

    -Pura Vicario beats Angela till dawn out of rage after finding out about her lost virginity
    -Held Angela by the hair with one hand and beat with the other (46).’”
  • Around Midnight

    Around Midnight
    -"The public spree broke up into fragments at around midnight, and all that remained was Clotilde Armenta’s establishment on one side of the square (45)."
    -The narrator, Luis Enrique, and Cristo Bedoya go to Maria Alejandra Cervantes’s house of mercies to drink and sing at the wedding
  • Monday, February

    Monday, February
    Faustino Santos saw the Vicario brothers at the meat market. (3, 51)
  • 2:00AM

    • Bayardo san Román returns Angela Vicario to her house after realizing she was not a virgin
    • Santiago Nasar drinks with Cristo Bedoya, the Narrator, Luis Enrique, the Vicario brothers, and others. (67&45)
  • 3:00

    • When the murder started to be planned out
  • After 3:00

    After 3:00
    • Don Rogelio de La Flor went to bed after a long night at his bar, and he didnt close the shop.
    • “We’d been together at Maria Alejandrina Cervantes’s until after three…”
  • 3:20

    • Faustino Santos (butcher friend) saw them come into the meat market at 3:20. • They say “We just came to sharpen our knives” (51). They sharpened their knives on the grindstone. (3, 51)
  • 3:30

    • Clotilde Armenta opens her store to sell milk at dawn and provisions during the daytime. • The policeman Leandro Pornoy was the first person in her store. • The Vicario brothers were waiting there for her at 3:30 when she came to open the store. (3, 53)
  • Up until 4:00 am

    Up until 4:00 am
    [drinking](http://<a href='http://' >drinking </a>- Cristo is drinking with Santiago and narrarator
  • After 4:00

    After 4:00
    • Clotilde Armenta asked the beggar woman to tell Victoria Guzmán that Santiago would be killed.
  • A little before 4:00

    A little before 4:00
    newlyweds- Colonel Lázaro Aponte woke up
    - Officer Pornroy told him about plans
    - Santiago plans to sing for newlyweds
  • 4:10

    • Vicario brothers came into the store at 4:10
    • They drank two bottles of cane liquor and told Clotilde Armenta their plans
  • 4:20

    nap- Santiago Nasar goes home to take an hour nap
  • 5:00

    • Colonel Lárazo Aponte notices it is raining
    • Narrator’s sister finds Luis sleeping in bathroom, but fails to wake him
  • 5:30

    • Naser awakes to wait for bishop’s boat
    • He slept poorly the night before; he awakes with headache and dream about trees and spattered with bird shit
    • Victoria goes to bedroom to wake Nasar
  • Before 6:00

    Before 6:00
    • Vicario brothers plans were known to more than a dozen people gone to buy milk who later spread the new to everyone. (pg 58)
  • 6:00

    -Envelope shoved under door telling Santiago someone was waiting to kill him.
    -Flora Miguel -“I only know that at six o’ clock in the morning everybody knew it” (pg 14,112)
  • 6:05

    • Santiago leaves house, meets many people
    • Vicarios wait by milk shop to kill Santiago -Flora Miguel awakens to the sound of the bishop’s boat -Vicario twins’ instincts about Santiago cause them to wake (pg 4,14,15,112)
  • 6:20

    • Maot decides to invite Santiago over to breakfast at the narrator’s house.
  • 6:25

    -Santiago took Cristo by the arm and led him toward the square (19).
  • 6:45

    • Flora Miguel awoken by the sound of boat
    • Santiago attempts to come inside but Flora kicks him out with chest of letters (112)
  • 6:56

    • Cristo Bedoya climbs to second floor of Santiago’s house to make sure that he hadn’t come in.
      • Finds his room locked from inside as Nasar had left through his mother’s bedroom. -Goes through his mothers room and enters adjoining room that belonged to Santiago (106).
  • 6:58

    • Cristo Bedoya sticks Santiago’s gun in belt under shirt.
    • Only after the crime did he realize that it is unloaded
  • 7:00

    • Cristo sees the Vicarios with new knives and lets Colonel know
    • Victoria tells Plácida everyone already knows Vicarios are after Santiago
  • 8:00

    -Vicario brothers are in jail and feel safe from the Arabs
  • Noon

    • Bayardo found almost dead with alcohol poisoning.
    • General Petronio informed, sends wife and daughters to get him.
    • They walk to house barefoot while mourning
  • 12 Noon

    12 Noon
    • Smell of death in house stimulates dogs
    • Placida Linero loses control when dogs barge into house, orders killing of dogs
  • 14:00pm

    • Pablo Vicario eats food, has diarrhea (79-80)
  • 18:00pm

    • Autopsy performed on Santiago (53)
    • Mayor summoned because Pedro believes Pablo poisoned (80)
  • Shortly before 3AM

    Shortly before 3AM
    -The Vicario twins return home after Pura calls them
    -They find Angela "lying face down on the dining room couch, her face all bruised, but she'd stopped crying (47)."
    -Pedro Vicario picked up Angela by the waist and demands to know who did this to her
    -Angela pauses and finally says, "Santiago Nasar (47)."
  • Tuesday

    • Town is guilty over Santiago’s death
    • Maria tells narrator “you smell of him” and the Vicario brothers could smell him in their jail cell. (4,78)
  • 3:00

    • Mayor brings Purisima Vicario to say good-bye to her sons (4,82)
  • Dawn

    • Santiago Nasar hurriedly buried
    • Narrator goes to María Alejandrina Cervantes’ house and mourns with her. (Chapter 4, 77)
  • 12 Days after the murder

    12 Days after the murder
    Pg 98 - A newly graduated investigating magistrate comes to town.
    -12 days after the murder, the investigation of the murder begins
    -A newly graduated investigating magistrate comes to town.
    -Everyone is eager to show off his own important role in the drama.
  • 3 Years Later

    3 Years Later
    • Prudencia Cotes marries Pablo Vicario, learns at father’s shop became elegant goldsmith.
    • Pedro Vicario reenlisted in armed forces, earned his first sergeant’s stripes
    • patrol went into guerrilla territory singing, never heard of again.
    Sergeant Stripe
  • End of Civil War

    End of Civil War
  • 14 Years Later

    14 Years Later
    • Mercedes Barcha reminds Marquez of his proposal in marriage to her as soon as she finished primary school -Reminds him that he did this out of confusion because of the festival
  • 20 Years Later

    20 Years Later
    • Narrator searches for brief in the Palace Justice in Riohacha. -Narrator retrieves 322 of 500 pages of brief -Brief contained no evidence against Santiago
  • 23 Years Later

    23 Years Later
    -The narrator goes back to visit Angela. Angela insists that Santiago was the one who took her virginity, even though people think he was not.
    -She recounts the story of the story of the wedding night, including how she did not want to deceive Banyardo and trick him into believing she was a virgin.

    -Angela reveals to the narrator the circumstances in which she first sees Bayardo (89-93) Bed
  • 27 Years Later

    27 Years Later
    Nasar’s mother tells Nasar always had dreams about trees (3).
  • 7:05

    • Nasar stabbed by Vicarios