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The American Civil War 1861-1865

  • War Is On!

    War Is On!
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    The Southeran Army shellled fort sumter, this is a win for the south becasue the union surrendered.
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    1861, A Win For The South

    This timeline describes why this year was a win for the south
  • How Could You Robert?

    How Could You Robert?
    Robert E. Lee turned down command of the union armies. Even though he opposes slavery and succession. This is a win for the south becasue Lee was the best general at the time image Credit
  • Battle Of Bull Run

    Battle Of Bull Run
    The first actual battle of the civil war. Stonewall Jackson was the commander of the confederate assault. civilians watched becasue they were sure it was going to be a win for the north. But against all odds, the south overwhelmed the north and everyone fell back. This is a literal win for the south. ef='' >Image Credit</a>
  • Oh No, More Money!?!

    Oh No, More Money!?!
    This is where we all have to thank for costing us more money on our bills every month. At the beginning it was a 3% on income in excess of $800 a year. I doubt this was a win for anyone.
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  • George B. McClellen New Army Chief

    George B. McClellen New Army Chief
    George B. McClellen is selected to be the new army chief. This is a win for the north because McClellan is very good.
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  • The Battle Between Two Ironclads

    The Battle Between Two Ironclads
    Two new weapons the Union ship Monitor, and the Confederate's Merrimac. This battle was off of Hampton Roads, Virginia. But there ws no clear victory because neither ship sunk. This is a win for the North becasue it showed that their navy was very strong Image Credit
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    1862 A Win For The North

    This timespan will describe why this year was a win for the north
  • Grant wins the Battle at Shiloh

    Grant wins the Battle at Shiloh
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    Even though this was a key battle, Grant Lost almost ALL of his army to a surprise attack. Most of the battle was fought in a peach-orchard.
  • Union Captures New Orleans

    Union Captures New Orleans
    This battle lasted 10 days at the mouth of the Mississippi River. This was a major and giant city iin the south. Thisis a win for the South because this is a vital positionand a show of supremacy
  • Sioux uprising in Minnesota

    Sioux uprising in Minnesota
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    In an effiort to to remove white settlers from their land, they harrassed and killed more then 800 settlers. 1,500 Sioux were captures and 300 hanged. This is a good thing for the north because that would discourage other tribes to rise up and get one less problem.
  • Bloody Antietam

    Bloody Antietam
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    The first major Union victory ked by George Mclellan fought off Lee's Confederates. Days before the battle Union calvery found lee's orders to his commanders but still didn't use them. This is a good thing for the north because they finally got in a victory
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
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    President Lincoln declaring that all slaves in rebel states are free from bondage. Although this freed very few slaves, it would change the states that were captured by the federals. This is a win for the north because this began the movement to end slavery.
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    Civil War 1863, Win for the North Again!

    This timespan involves all the highlights for the north during 1863
  • First Draft

    First Draft
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    This law places liability on all the men(in the North) between the gaes of 20 and 45. They could also hire a substitute for $300(equivalent to about $5,000 in 2008) This is a win for the North because they will have more troops.
  • Pyrrhic victory at Chancellorsville

    Pyrrhic victory at Chancellorsville
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    This was perhaps Lee's greatest triumph at the four-day battle in Chancellorsville, Virginia. But at the cost of Lee's second in command, General Stonewall Jackson. Technically a win for the North because the South lost a great general.
  • Getttysburg

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    Unioon troops at the command of General George Mead withstood aggresive rebel charges. Especially Pickett's Charge with 13,000 Confederates under General George Pickett on Semetary Ridge. This is for the North becaue Lee also retreats and lost many men.
  • The Gettysburg Address

    The Gettysburg Address
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    Lincoln wanted to make this "hallowed ground," so wihtout much fanfare, the president followed speaker Edward Everett. His speech was only 272 words. This for the North because he increases morale.
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    Civial War 1864 - Also a Win for The North

    This timespan will highlight the many wins for the North because they had more then the Confederates
  • Command Given to Grant

    Command Given to Grant
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    After going through multiple generals. Lincoln appoints U.S. Grant command of all of the armies of the United Sates. This strengthens The Union Army's potential
  • Farragut captures Mobile Bay

    Farragut captures Mobile Bay
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    This displayed, again the union's naval superiority. During the sea battle, Farragut's fleet had stromed through a minefield. This is a win because Union forces are closer to Atlanta.
  • Sherman captures Atlants

    Sherman captures Atlants
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    Sherman's men fought several battles on the way to Atlanta. The Confederates evacuated the city after being shelled for days. This is a key southeran city and aids Lincoln in his re-election campagin.
  • President Lincoln is re-elected

    President Lincoln is re-elected
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    Lincoln has been re-elected over his democrat rival Geroge McClellan. After an overwhelming number of electoral and popular votes. Lincoln can again lead the restoratikon of the union.
  • Sherman's troops begin march through Georgia.

    Sherman's troops begin march through Georgia.
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    Sherman is trying to gain the port of Savannah by December. They have also been ordered to use their 60,000 strong force to lay waste to everything that might help the south. Sherman's March will devastate the Confederacy.
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    Civial War 1865 - North Wins The War

    This lists the highlghts of the end of the war.
  • President Lincoln tours the Confederate Capital

    President Lincoln tours the Confederate Capital
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    President Licoln,realizing that the war is almost over, walked through Richmond. Union troops there cheered as he walked down the road. This is a morale booster for the Union.
  • Saylor's Creek may be war's last battle

    Saylor's Creek may be war's last battle
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    While Lee retreats he encounters Union troops. About 8,000 Confederates surrendered. Lee continued his retreat west. This signaled the end of the war.
  • Lee surrenders to Grant

    Lee surrenders to Grant
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    At Appomattox Courthouse, Lee surrendered the whole Northern Virgina Army to Grant. Lee was in his best confederate uniform while Grant was in a dirty union uniform. Finally the end of a long war.
  • Lincoln assasinated

    Lincoln assasinated
    The architect of Union victory was killed at Ford's Theater In the capital. John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln by shooting him in the back of his skull.
  • John Wilkes Booth captured

    John Wilkes Booth captured
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    Federal troops found John and surrounded a barn on the Garret Farm in Virginia. The barn was set on fire when Booth refused to come out. Wthout orders, Sergeant Boston Corbett shot Booth as he came out.