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John James Audubon

By jyk6091
  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    Picture The thirteen American colonies revolt against England. The colonies are successful and became free.
  • Birth

    Audubon is born in Les Cayes, Saint-Domingue (later Haiti) , He is named Jean Rabine. His mother dies six months later. Jeanne Rabine, his mother, wasn't actually Captain Jean Audubon's wife.
    Father: Captain Jean Audubon
    Mother: Jeanne Rabine
  • Period: to

    Interest in the Natural World

    Picture Audubon is sent to Nantes, France where he spends most of his childhood. His father and his LEGAL wife, Anne Moynet raise him in France. As he stays here, he gets interested in nature.
  • Period: to


    Picture He is officially adopted by Anne Moynet and Captain Jean Audubon. Then, he is renamed Jean-Jacques Fougere. At this point, he spends a lot of his time with nature, and doesn't do good in school.
  • Period: to

    United States

    Picture Audubon is sent to Pennsylvania to escape from the conflicts in France. He stays at Mill Grove, his father’s estate in Pennsylvania. He manages his father's farm.
  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Wars

    Picture This was a series of wars/conflicts led by Napoleon Bonaparte and a European nations.
  • Period: to

    Love and Bird Paintings

    Picture Audubon meets Lucy Bakewell, and falls in love. They become engaged. At the same time, he begins using wire constructions on dead birds to help him paint them.
  • Period: to

    Back to France

    Picture He returns to France to see his family and there, he sketches his first drawings of birds.
  • Victor Gifford, his first son, is born

    Victor Gifford, his first son, is born
    He is born in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Period: to

    General Store

    Picture Around this time period, Audubon starts a general store with Ferdinand Rozier. The general store is located in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Period: to


    Picture Audubon marries the woman he loves, Lucy Bakewell. He then takes her to Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Period: to

    Alexander Wilson and Henderson, KY

    Audubon meets ornithologist Alexander Wilson, and Wilson encourages him to keep on drawing birds. His family moves to Henderson, KY with family. Audubon and Ferdinand Rozier go south to find success in finance. However, a year later they go their seperate ways because no success met them.
  • US Citzenship

    US Citzenship
    Audubon recieves his citizenship at last.
  • John Woodhouse, his second son, is born.

    John Woodhouse, his second son, is born.
  • Period: to

    Moving Again

    Picture The Audubon family moves back to Henderson, Kentucky.
  • Period: to

    Lucy, his daughter, is born

    Picture Sadly, she dies two years later.
  • Period: to

    Steam-powered Grist Mill

    Picture Audubon invests in this steam-powered grist mill which is owned by Lucy Bakewell's brother. This fails and Audubon loses money.
  • Period: to

    Bankruptcy and Family

    Picture Audubon's business fails, causing him to go into jail because of debt. When he gets out of jail, he is bankrupt. His family loses all of their possesions, but a new daughter, Rose, is born. Unfortunately, his daughter dies shortly after birth.
  • Period: to


    Picture His family moves to Cincinnati, Ohio and Audubon works as a taxidermist. During this time period, Audubon says that he will finish “a collection of the Birds of our Country, from Nature, all of Natural Size” while he is still alive.
  • Period: to

    Beginning his Dream

    Picture Audubon goes to New Orleans and begins portrait painting on the street.
  • Period: to

    Engraving his Paintings

    PictureHe attempts to obtain support from the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia for a publication of his engravings of American birds, but he fails. He makes plans to go to England because someone informs him that's where he will be able to publish his work.
  • Period: to

    Success At Last

    Picture Quickly, Audubon leaves for England. There his success meets him. Then,Audubon is able to exhibit 250 paintings at the Royal Institution at Liverpool, Manchester, and Edinburgh. It's here that Audubon meets William Home Lizars, who becomes his engraver.
  • Period: to


    PictureAudubon hires London’s Havell & Havell’s son to work on Double elephant Folio etchings because Lizar cannot work anymore.
  • Period: to

    America Once Again

    Picture Audubon returns to America to paint more American birds for his book, The Birds of America.
  • Period: to

    White House

    Picture Around this time, Audubon dines at the White House with President Andrew Jackson because of his now famous paintings.
  • Period: to


    Picture Audubon publishes the first volume of Ornithological Biography.
  • Period: to

    More Paintings

    Picture In order to paint northern bird species, Audubon travels to Labrador.
  • Period: to

    Completion of Birds of America

    Picture The final volume of the Folio edition of Birds of America is completed by Audubon.
  • Period: to

    The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America

    Picture Audubon works on projects named The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America.
  • Period: to

    Minnie's Land

    Picture Audubon purchases Minnie’s Land, a 30 acre estate in Upper Manhattan.
  • Period: to


    Picture Audubon suffers stroke. His mind is messed up now so John Woodhouse takes the lead in the Quadrupeds project.
  • Audubon's Death

    Audubon's Death
    At age 65, Audubon dies in Minnie Land.
  • Period: to

    Audubon Society is formed

    Audubon Society Logo The first Audubon Society is formed by a student of Lucy Bakewell, George Bird Grinnell.
  • John James Audubon State Park

    John James Audubon State Park
    It was founded by the Audubon Society. The Audubon Society perserves Audubon's legacy this way.