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World War II Battles

  • Battle of Hong Kong

    Battle of Hong Kong
    Date: December 8-25, 1941
    Participating Countries: Canada, UK,Britain, Hong Kong
    Causalities: 2,000 canadians 1,500 Japanese
    Who won/lost: Japanese won, Canadians, UK, Britain lost.
    Fact: This was the first battle the Canadians fought in WWII
  • The Dieppe Raid

    The Dieppe Raid
    Date: August 19, 1942
    Participating Countries: Canada, UK, USA, Nazi Germany
    Causalities: 3,000 Canadians, 311 Germans
    Who won/lost: Nazi Germany won, Canadians, UK, USA lost.
    Fact: The allies made lots of mistakes which lead to the canadians loosing this battle.
  • Battle Of Sicily

    Battle Of Sicily
    Date: July 9-12, 1943
    Participating Countries: Nazi Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Canada
    Causalities: United Kingdom+ USA + Canada had 24,820 causalities. Germany had 20,000 causalities and Italy had 147,000 causalities.
    Who won/lost: United Kingdom, Canada, USA all won.
    Germany, Italy lost.
    Fact: When this battle begun the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini lost power of Italy. This opened up a way for the allies to take over Italy,
  • Battle of Reggio

    Battle of Reggio
    Date: Sep 3, 1943
    Participating countries: Canada, USA, Nazi Germany
    Causalities: No Causalities
    Who won/lost: Canada, USA
    Fact: There were no causalities what so every in this battle.
  • Gustav Line

    Gustav Line
    Date: May 11-18, 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, Nazi Germany, Italy
    Causalities: 100,000 Canadians, 40,000 Germans
    Who won/lost: Canada
    Fact: The Germans and Italians held the Gustav Line from May 11th-17th until the Canadians caught them.
  • Hitler Line

    Hitler Line
    Date: May 18-24 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Nazi Germany.
    Causalities: 542 Canadians
    Who won/lost: Canada and UK won, Germany and Italy retreated.
    Fact: Hitler Line was later renamed to Senger line, after General von Senger.
  • Normandy (D-day)

    Normandy (D-day)
    Date: June 6, 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, UK, USA, Poland, France, Nazi Germany.
    Causalities: 12,000 Allies, 9,000 Germans
    Who won/lost: Allies won, Germany lost.
    Fact: Normandy nick named D-Day was used for the actual landing date.
  • Rimini Line

    Rimini Line
    Date: September 14-21 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, UK, USA etc. Nazi Germany, Italy
    Causalities: 40,000 Canadians,UK, USA, etc.. 30,000 Germans, Italians.
    Who won/lost: Canada, UK, USA etc.., Germany and Italy lost.
    Fact: The Rimini Line was one of the hardest fought battles for the eights army of Canada.
  • Dunkirk 1944

    Dunkirk 1944
    Date: September 15, 1944
    Participating Countries: Canada, UK, Czechslovakia, France, Nazi Germany
    Causalities: 68,000 Allies, 51,000 Germans
    Who won/lost: Allies won, Germans lost
    Fact: Germans were forced to surrender to the allies.
  • Rhineland battle

    Rhineland battle
    Date: Feb 8-Mar 10, 1945
    Participating Countries: Canada, UK, USA, Nazi Germany
    Causalities: 23,000 Allies, 90,000 Germans
    Who won/lost: Allies won, Germany lost
    Fact: The battle lasted just over 1 month