World War II

  • end of WW1

    Versailles, France
  • rise of dictators

  • Period: to

    Great depression

    the whole world(united states)
  • Period: to

    japan starts to expanded

    to find more resources
  • Nuremberg law

    Nuremberg law
    Germany(make jew have unfair laws)
  • Period: to

    Poland invasion

  • Munich agreement

    Munich agreement
  • Period: to


    Germany(night of the broken glass)
  • Period: to

    germany stsrt to expand

    start to take more land(all through europe
  • Russian-Germany non aggression pact

    Russian-Germany non aggression pact
    Moscow(so they could not invade each other)
  • allies declare war

    allies declare war
    France,Great Britain, and more
  • Period: to


    all across Europe(6 million jews killed)
  • Period: to

    france invasion

    all across France
  • Period: to

    battle of britian

    bombing all across great Britain, Germany never ground assaulted great Britain
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Germany tries to invade Russia
  • Moscow

  • Period: to

    Russia was invaded

  • attack on pearl harbor

    attack on pearl harbor
    Hawaii US territory (first big blow to the US)
  • US enters WWII

    US enters WWII
    United states
  • battle of wake island

    battle of wake island
    pacific ocean
  • Stalingrad

    lasted for 5 months
  • midway

    the turning point for the US hurt japan
  • operation torch

    operation torch
    first successful strategic offensive and American troops crossed the Atlantic for the first time
  • d-day

    battle of normandy
  • battle of the coral sea

    battle of the coral sea
    near Austria but in the pacific ocean
  • battle of Iwo jima

    battle of Iwo jima
  • Germany surrenders

    Germany surrenders
    to different day because it took time for the news to spread
  • battle of Okinawa

    battle of Okinawa
    last island before japan
  • Potsdam declaration

    Potsdam declaration
    decision on what to do about the NUKE(Potsdam, Germany)
  • Hiroshima

    where the first atomic bomb was dropped
  • Nagasaki

    where the second bomb was dropped
  • japan surrenders

    japan surrenders
    VJ day