World War II

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  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    Japan needed raw materials badly after China and USA put up tarriffs. China was their only way out of the crisis.
  • Nuremberg Laws Passed

    Law for the Proctection of German Blood and German Honour were the two Nuremberg laws passed
  • Italy Invades Ethiopia

    Mussolini brutally attacked Ethiopia with bombs and tanks, while natives of Ethiopia were forced to defend their country with outdated weaponry. This event could have been prevented if the League Of Nations would've declared an oil embargo on Italy.
  • Germany Invades Rhineland

    German troops marched into the Rhineland and was in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. German troops weren't allowed to move within 50 km of the Rhine River.
  • Spanish Civil War Begins

    Spanish republicans vs rebel nationalists lead by Francisco Franco. The rebel nationalists goal was to get rid of left wing organizations and its fascism.
  • Austria Annexation

    Germany's annexation of Austrian violated the Treaty of Versailles, despite popular vote in Austria to be unified with Germany.
  • Kristallnacht

    Herschel Grynszpan shot and killed German foreign official Ernst vom Rath because he was angry about his family being deported from Germany. This gave the Nazis an excuse to retaliate on the Jews. Nazis set off a series of riots.. killing Jews and destroying their property.
  • Hitler Invades Czechslovokia

    German troops marched into Czechoslovakia. They took over Bohemia, and established a protectorate over Slovakia. Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia was the end of appeasement and proved that Hitler had been lying at Munich.
  • Spanish Civil War Ends

    Francisco Franco and the rebel nationalists won!
  • Hitler and Stalin Sign Non-Aggression Pact

    Stated that the Germans and Soviets would not fight each other/invade each other for 10 years, allowed the Germans to invade Poland soon after pact was signed
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany used the Blitzkrieg method on Poland as a result of Nazi-Soviet non aggression pact.
  • The End of Germany's Invasion of Poland

    Poland was defeated by Germany's swift invasion
  • Churchill Becomes Prime Minister

    After Chamberlain was forced to resign, Churchill was next in line
  • France Falls to Germany

    Germany held over 400,000 troops (British & French) captive. France surrendered after Italy entered the war on the side of Germany.
  • Mussolini and Hitler Ally

    Called Rome-Berlin Axis
  • Hitler Invades the Soviet Union

    Hitler wanted oil, for the British to accept peace, the capture of the Soviet Naval bases (threatened his Romanian fields), and Moscow. The fall of the Soviet Union will force the British to accept peace.
  • Attack at Pearl Harbor

    Japan wanted to prevent the US from attacking them,so they wanted to continue to take over countries in Southeast Asia, and they wanted to cripple the US Navy.
  • United States Declare War on Germany & Japan

    Pearl Harbor led the United States to declare war on Germany and Japan, which was "a date which will live in infamy."
  • Battle of Midway Begins

    Japan's wanted to remove the United States as a Pacific power in order to gain territory in East Asia. Japan hoped to defeat the US Pacific Fleet and use Midway as a base to attack Pearl Harbor, securing dominance in the region.
  • Battle of Midway Ends

    The United States successfully defeated Japan
  • Battle of Stalingrad Begins

    One of the first major losses for Germany. Hitler stated, "We have to hide this news from the German people" because he was afraid that hurt Germany's future efforts of war. Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union to gain control of the city of Stalingrad in Southern Russia, located on the eastern boundary of Europe.
  • Battle of Stalingrad Ends

    The Soviet Union defeated Germany. Germany suffered a great lost, which made Hitler embarrassed to tell the citizens of Germany about the battle.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was the allied invasion of Europe through Normandy. A lot pressure was on Germany since it was already at war with the Soviets in the East.
  • Battle of the Bulge Begins

    Germany staged a massive counterattack in Belgium and Luxembourg which created a 30 mile "bulge" into the Allied lines.
  • Battle of the Bulge Ends

    The Allies stopped the German advance, who suffered with a heavy lost. Germany lacked fuel and was forced to abandone their vehicular machinery.
  • Yalta Conference Begins

    Held by (Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill) to plan out the occupation of post war Germany.
  • Yalta Conference Ends

    The allies finished their invasion of Germany, and on July of 1945, the United States dropped an Atomic Bomb on Japan following the incident at Pearl Harbor.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima Begins

    This battle was the largest all-Marine battle in history and the bloodiest. This battle was between Japanese forces and invading US Troops.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima Ends

    The United States took over the small, Japanese island.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Dies

    President Roosevelt was the longest serving president in American history.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler took his life by swallowing a cyanide capsule and shooting himself in the head.
  • V-E Day (Victory In Europe Day)

    The Russian army crosses the German border. US and Russian forces met on the Elbe River. Hitler committed suicide after the Soviet Army surrounded Berlin. Germany eventually surrendered.
  • Potsdam Conference Begins

    Meeting between Stalin, Churchill, and Truman to discuss post-WWII.. For each side to take reparations from its own occupation zone, divide up Germany, create Council of Foreign Ministers;, and mark the end of wartime alliance
  • Potsdam Conference Ends

    The relationship between the U.S and USSR worsened due to lack of trust and cooperation between the leaders.
  • Bombing of Hiroshima "Little Boy"

    The United States gave hints in the Potsdam Declaration that Japan should surrender. Unfornunately, the Japanese government ignored the warning. President Harry S. Truman ordered for the U.S. to drop the nuclear weapon on the city of Hiroshima.
  • V-J Day

    News of Germany's surrender was announced to the world and sparked celebrations over the final ending of World War II. President Truman declared September 2 to be VJ Day.
  • United Nations Formed

    Roosevelt sought to convince the public that an international organization was the best means to prevent future wars. The Senate approved the UN Charter.