World War II

  • German Expansion- Lebensraum

  • France and Britian - Poland

    Proctection signed to protect France and Poland and Britian and Poland in event of war
  • Russia-Germany non-aggresive pact

  • Poland invaded

  • GB+ France declare war on Germany

  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Period: to

    Phoney War

  • Poland Conquered

  • Holland, Belgium and France invaded

    With blitxkrieg tactics countries surrender in weeks
  • Britain hangs on

    Britain alone
    Battle of Britain, The blitz, very few victories
  • Period: to

    Nazi countires winning

  • Period: to


    Germnay invades USSR- Russia joins war
    Japan attacks USA- USA joins allies
    Europe not alone
    World War
  • Period: to

    Allied Countries Winning

  • Germany Surrenders

  • Japan surrenders

    Atomic bombs dropped
    Japan Surrenders