World War II

By NickB.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    The Manhattan Project begins researching the Nuclear Bomb.
  • United States Enters The War

    United States Enters The War
    United States enters World War 2.
  • Soviet/German Nonagression Pact

    Soviet/German Nonagression Pact
    Russia signs a ten year peace treaty that was proposed by Germany. This kept Germany from fighting a Two-Front War.
  • Warsaw Invasion

    Warsaw Invasion
    Germany invades Poland and its capital Warsaw. This gave Germany control of Poland and caused France and Great Britain to declare war.
  • Russia Invades Poland

    Russia Invades Poland
    Stalin sends troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland. This gave Stalin control of countries north of Poland.
  • Demark/Norway Invasion

    Demark/Norway Invasion
    Hilter launches a surprise attack on Demark and Norway.
  • Netherland Sweep

    Netherland Sweep
    Hilter makes a dramatic sweep through the Nertherlands, Bulguim, and Luxemburg. This drew the attention of Britain and France away from their borders.
  • France Retreat

    France Retreat
    French retreat to beaches of Dunrik. Britain sends their fleet to save France.
  • Period: to

    Battle For Britain

    German Airforce begins bombing Great Britian. Hitler called of the attacks.
  • France Surrender

    France Surrender
    French officals srrender to Germany.
  • North Africa

    North Africa
    Mussolinni orders his troops to attack British-controlled colonies.
  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Empire Strikes Back
    Great Britian swept over 500 miles and took 130000 Italian prisoners.
  • Alantic Charter Is Signed

    Alantic Charter Is Signed
    The Alantic Charter was signed, this document upheld the rights of free trade and the right for people to choose their goverment.
  • Germany Attacks Russia (Idiots)

    Germany Attacks Russia (Idiots)
    Germany turns the tides on Russia. They attack Russia, but Russia uses a Scorched Earth Policy.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese make a surprise attack on the United States' Naval Base Pearl Harbor.