World war ii q5

World War II

  • Germany invades Poland, World War 2 begins.

  • Britain and France declare war on Germany.

  • U.S. remains neutral. President Roosevelt declares "limited national emergency"

  • Russia invades Poland.

  • Warsaw surrenders.

  • Germany invades France, Holland, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

  • German troops march into Paris.

  • France surrenders.

  • Germany invades the British Channel islands.

  • British night bombers bomb Berlin.

  • Japan joins The Axis.

  • Hitler cancels the invasion of Britain.

  • Spain rejects Hitler's offer to join the war and remains neutral.

  • Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece.

  • Japan and Russia sign non-aggression pact.

  • Germany invades Russia. Hitler orders "maximum cruelty".

  • Stalin orders the "scorched earth" strategy

  • Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines; U.S. joins the war.

  • Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S.

  • German U-boats begin to sink ships along the U.S. East coast.

  • U.S. troops begin to arrive in Britain.

  • Murder of jews by poison gas begins in Nazi death camps.

  • Doolittle's raid- U.S. bombers bomb Tokyo.

  • American troops in Phillipines surrender.

  • Battle of the Coral Sea.

    One Japanese carrier and one America carrier sunk.
  • Battle of Midway.

    Four Japanese carriers are sunk, and one American carrier. Japan's naval superiority is lost.
  • Eisenhower becomes supreme commander of western allies forces.

  • Allied bombers concentrate on the German fuel industry.

  • D-Day.

    American, British, and Canadian forces invade France at the beaches of Normandy.
  • Battle of the Phillipine sea

  • Warsaw revolts againt the Germans.

  • Allied fighters achieve air superiority over Germany.

  • Paris is liberated.

  • President Roosevelt dies.

  • Russians begin final advance to Berlin.

  • Germany surrenders.

    The war in Europe ends.
  • U.S. test atomic bomb in New Mexico.

    It works
  • Hiroshima is destroyed by an atomic bomb.

  • Russia declares war on Japan.

  • Japan surrenders. World War 2 ends.