World War II

  • Adolf!

    Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany!
  • Hitler Overthrows!

    Hitler Overthrows!
    Hitler overthrows the versailles treaty and expands Germany!
  • Germany Invades!

    Germany Invades!
    Germany invades Poland causing havoc eventually leading to the start of World War II
  • We Declare War!

    We Declare War!
    U.S officialy declares war on Germany this day!
  • Sneaky, Sneaky!!

    Sneaky, Sneaky!!
    Six Japanese aircraft carriers and other warships secretly leave Japan and head for Pearl Harbour!
  • Cutting Off!

    Cutting Off!
    U.S cuts off all oil exports to Japan.
  • World War II Begins!

    World War II Begins!
    To the Americans, World War Two started on December 7th, 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. The start of World War II varies in different countries.
  • D-Day

    Allies lauch a massive invasion on Normandy, France, known as D-Day
  • Hitlers Death.

    Hitlers Death.
    April 30th, 1945. Adolf Hitler commits suicide by gun shot in his underground bunker.
  • The Fall of Hiroshima

    The Fall of Hiroshima
    8:15am, Monday, August 6th 1945. THe U.S shocks the world by dropping a nuclear bomb known as little boy on the city of Hiroshima in Japan.
  • The Fall of Nagasaki

    The Fall of Nagasaki
    11:01am, Thursday, August 9th, 1945. U.S shocks the world once again by dropping a nuclear bomb code named " Fat Man " on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.
  • World War II COmes to an End.

    World War II COmes to an End.
    World War II comes to an end.