World War II

  • Germany invades Poland

  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Britain declares war to Germany

  • USSR invaded Poland

  • Beggining of the "phoney war"

  • The Soviet Union defeated Finland

  • Germany invaded Norweign waters

  • End of the "phoney war"

  • Germany defeated Netherlanths, Belgium and France

    Winston Churchill come to power
  • The union between Hitler and Mussolini

  • Hitler invaded Britain by air

  • Britain fought Germany in the air

    This fight is known as the Battle of Britain
  • Italy was defeated by Britain in North Africa and Greece

  • Japan seized control of Eastern Asia and the islands on the Pacific

  • Hitler betrayed Stalin and attacked the USSR

  • The final solution

    Millions of Jewish of people were masacrated
  • German troops failed in conquering the Soviet capital

  • The attack of the USA naval base, Pearl Harbor

    USA joined the war
  • Usa fought and beat Japan in the Battle of Midway Island

  • Germany renewed his attack in the USSR

  • Battle in Stalingrad

  • The Battle of Alamein

    German army was defeated in Nortn Africa by Britain
  • German troops in Stalingrad were surrendered

  • The German and Italian army was driven out from North Africa

  • Germans abandoned Leningrad

  • British and American army invaded France

  • British and American army took Rome

  • Britain had reached Paris

  • USA invaded the Philippines

    Over 170.000 soldiers were killed and the capital, Manila, was taken
  • Germany was in retreat in the USSR

  • Germans launched a counter-attack in the Ardennes of Belgium

  • German power collapsed in Europe

    Berlin was taken and Hitler committed suicide
  • Germany forces sorrounded

    But the war continued against Japan
  • The whole Italy was in control of Britain and America

  • The atomic bombs of Hiroshima and NAgasaki were thrown

  • Japan sourrendered

  • The WWII was over