World War I Timeline

  • Bismarck's Unification of Germany

    Bismarck's Unification of Germany
    The Unification of Germany during the !860s was a huge event in Europe during the time because by doing this, there was another empire besides Prussia to rule Europe so they could equally divide it between themselves.
  • "Seven Weeks War" with Austria

    "Seven Weeks War" with Austria
    When he united Germany, he had to get rid of Austria in the city-states by declaring war on them which Germany destroyed them and took control of all the Germany land with the help of Prussia.
  • The North, and now the South

    The North, and now the South
    When Napoleon III saw of what destruction Prussia had caused, he left from Northern Germany and this was called the North German Confederation. As doing so, Bismarck hoped he could do the same in the South.
  • A Fake Prince and Telegram

    By getting Napoleon III worried, he placed a Hohenzollern prince on the throne in Spain, which Napoleon thought war would be at two fronts because the prince was a relative of Kaiser Wilhelm I. Another fake idea was that he let out a telegram supposedly from the Kaiser himself to Bismarck of insulting both France and Prussia over their dispute for the Spanish throne.
  • War Again...?

    War Again...?
    Tempers boiled over in France so Napoleon an his army declared war on Prussia soon after the fake prince and telegram. Once again the Prussian war machine crushed the French forces in which Napoleon himself led them into the Battle of Sedan which he had to surrender which resulted in a civil war in France where Napoleon was deposed which this was the Third French Republic.
  • The Consequences and Helpful Alliances

    The Consequences and Helpful Alliances
    The consequences of the war were tremendous in which France gave up two major cities, Alsace and Lorraine, and they had to pay up to $1 Billion for reparations. The alliance of Germany and Prussia created the first German Empire, but France would soon come back from their losses and get help from Britain, Russia, and Austria-Hungary, but Austria-Hungary and Russia dropped out and would soon become a Triple Alliance with Germany but Russia dropped out and it became a dual alliance.
  • Secret Alliances!!!

    Secret Alliances!!!
    A treaty kept Russia and France in neutrality if one were to help another country fight each other, but a secret alliance between Italy and France created the an alliance between them because Italy broke away from Germany's alliance secretly but didn't enter war until 1915.
  • A Reassurance Treaty

    A Reassurance Treaty
    Soon a treaty would come about that would try to ally Germany and Russia once more but it failed to do that because of Russia's alliance with France because of the fear of a two front war but it lapsed in 1890 in which is the same year the new German Kaiser dismissed the long-term chancellor, Bismarck.
  • France and Russia, with Britain

    A Franco-Russian Convention started in the late 19th century, which alligned France and Russia up to help each other and to fight off Germany and Japan and Prussia. Britain soon became important in the race for war because of its race to put Germany down with doing so by its huge naval facility.
  • War Beginning.... Now!!!

    With all the stirred up emotions of the pre- WWI, many countries wanted to let out its angryness on each other, they finally had the chance in 1914, beginning with the first battle of Marne in which Germany was sweeping though the Western Front to invade Paris so that it could finally stop France in its tracks, but the alliances with France would come to play, this is what would finally start WWI.