World War I

By keevin
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Ferdinand was the heir to the Austrian throne.Was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist.Gavrilo shot both him and his wife.
  • Hollywood California

    Became the center movie productions in the U.S.Hollywood was a thriving agricultural community.By 1900 Hollywood had a population of 500.
  • German Uboats Sink Lusintania

    Off the Southern coast of Ireland.1,198 were killed and of these 128 were American.This was a British ship that sank.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    He makes the first transcontinental telephone call.The first telephone was invinted in 1876 by him and was given an award.
  • Albert Einstein

    Theory of relativity.Was a German Physiicst.Relativity is one of the two modern pillars of physics.
  • Battle of Verdun and Somme

    This battle claimed many lives.This battle began on February 21st and ended on December 16th. Made General Petain a hero in France.
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Is reelected president.The democrats renominated him. Was the 28th president of the United States.
  • Selective Service Act

    Set up the draft for the war.Authorized the federal government to raise an army.This draft was for WWI
  • United States and Germany

    This war happened during Wilsons presidency.Germans ignore Wilsons call for peace.This was by submarine warfair.
  • Russia withdraws from War

    This was settled in march.Monarchy was replaced with different government.Bolsheviks was who they faced after the withdraw
  • Congress passed Sedition Act

    Extended the Espionage Act.Act from the United States.Covered broad range of offenses.
  • Wilson proposed Leage of Nations

    Was a Inteergovermental Organization.Result of the Paris Peace Conference.This ended the First World War
  • First World War ends

    Looked for return of normalcy.This was suposed to be the end of all wars. But this was only the beginning of the World War.
  • Congress approves ninth Amendment

    Granted women to vote. Made sure that the Bill of Rights was eligable.The Ninth Amendment had been mentioned infrequently in decisions of the Supreme Court.
  • Epidemic

    This killed over 30 million.This was a world wide epidemic.This was the biggest tragedy during this time.