World War I

By Haily_B
  • Triple Alliance was formed

    Prussias chancellor, Otto Von Bismark, formed this with Austria-hungary and Italy.
    This was a social event.
  • The allied powers was created

    These countries were U.S, Britain, France, Australia, USSR, China etc.
    This is a social event.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated

    This was the spark that started World War I .
    This was a social event .
  • Germany and Ottoman Empire sign secret alliance treaty

    They are now "friends" to where they help eachother when needed.
    This was a social event .
  • Russian army enters East Prussia

    Started a battle.
    This was a diplomatic eent.
  • Woodrow Wilson declares the United States is still nuetral

    America is not in the war yet, wilson does not want to get in,
    This was a Political event .
  • Italy declared war on Germany and Austria

    Big part in the war, for who fights who.
    This is a political event.
  • Britain gives America the Note

    This is one of the reason why we go into war.
    This was a Social event.
  • U.S Congress declared war on Germany

    Americans ships were sunk and lives were lost was just when the American people started getting angry. The thing that topped it off was when Germany tried to help mexico get its land back by trying to send a secret message but then got caught.
    This was a political event.
  • Woodrow Wilsons 14 points

    He stands in front of a joint session of Congress and gave a speech. Helps find a way to end the war peacefully .
    This was a political event .
  • German Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and flees Germany

    He was Germanys emporer, but he steps down and leaves.
    This was a diplomatic event.
  • World War I finally ends

    Germany finally gets tired from fighting in the war for so long, they just surrender.
    This is a political event.
  • Europe was finally at peace

    Kaiser Wilhelm II was forced to step down in Germany. Then the new government signed an armistice, an agreement to stop fighting.
    This is a diplomatic event.
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    The peace treaty that ended World War 1 . Signed by Germany and the Allies.
    This was a political event .
  • First meeting of the League of Nations held in London

    Official ending of World War One.
    This was a political event.
  • First radio came out for the public

    First radio to get radio waves for peoples enjoymeants.
    This was a technologic event .
  • Germany started printing money

    Not sure when the actual date was, could not find it but i thought this was important because this is how the money became less important for them since they could just print it.
    This was a economy event .
  • Charles Lindbergh flew alone across Atlantic Ocean

    This was a growth in air travel showing planes are stronger.
    This was a technologic event .
  • The Start of The Great Depression

    The U.S stock market crashed which started it.
    This is a economic event .
  • Roosevelt is signed in as president

    From him becoming president he then began the program the New Deal. Form this the American economy got better.
    This was a economic event.