World War I

  • Bismarck

    first Prime Minister of Prussia and Chancellor of the German EmpireBismarck led war on Austria in 1866
  • Period: to

    WWI Causes

  • Hohenzollern

    Bismarck attempted to place a Hohenzollern prince on the throne in Spain
  • Ems Telegram

    a doctored version of a telegram was released
  • 3 Emperors League

    Made up of 3 emperors
  • Triple Alliance

    Germany and Austria-Hungary came to an agreement.
  • Triple Alliance

  • Dual Alliance

    Bismarck and Austria-Hungary came to an agreement.
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Reinsurance Treaty
    Bismarck signed a treaty with Russia. Wilhelm II allowed treaty to lapse.
  • Military Alliance

    Military Alliance
    Tirpitz- naval minister who embarked upon shipbuilding 1902 Military Alliance with Japan Alliance lasted until 1914
  • Serbia ties with Russia

    Expectations of Serbia- Would reject severe terms and send a war Serbia had ties with Russia 1914
  • Mobilization of Army

    Russia- announced mobilization of it’s army 1914
  • Ferdinand assassinated

    Ferdinand assassinated
    Ferdinand (and wife), was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip. (Part of the Black Hand society) Spark of the first global war
  • Princip assassinates Ferdinand family

    Princip assassinates Ferdinand family
    Gavrilo Pricip assassinated Ferdinand family. (by accident)
  • Franco-Italian Alliance

    Franco-Italian Alliance- 1914 France entitled Italy to be neutral.
  • War on Serbia

    Austria-Hungary- declared war on Serbia July 28 1914
  • War on Russia

    Germany- declared war on Russia August 1st 1914
  • Invasion of Belgium

    France- Invaded neutral Belgium August 3rd 1914
  • War against Germany

    Britain- declared war against Germany August 4th 1914 Committed to Belgium’s defense
  • Japan vs. Germany War

    Japan vs. Germany War
    Japan- declared war on Germany on August 23rd 1914 Shock Japaneese Victory
  • Conflict with Italy

    Italy- joined conflict in May 1915
  • US Enters War (WWI)

    US Enters War (WWI)
    United States- Finally entered war on April 6th 1997, which was World War 1