World War || by Shia Ross

  • World War || begins

    World War || begins with Hitler invading Poland. Two days later. France and Britain declares war on Germany
  • The Soviet Union invades Poland

    Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was working with Hitler and invaded Poland and gained a part of poland
  • Capital of Poland has been captured

    Warsaw, the capital of Poland, surrendered to German troops.
  • UK wins sea battle against German Troops

    UK wins sea battle against German Troops
    The first engagement of the war happened when British cruisers defeated a German battleship at the Battle of the River Plate
  • Norway is invaded

    Germany invaded Norway which ended a 6 month long period called the "Phony War"
  • Churchill and Belgium

    Churchill became prime minister and the same day, Germany takes over Belgium
  • The Miracle of Dunkirk

    The Miracle of Dunkirk
    The British Army escaped England from Dunkirk, France, and they lived to fight another day
  • Italy

    Italy joins the war on Germany's side
  • Paris

    Paris surrenders to German Troops
  • German Policy

    Germany had a policy called "Lightning War" and that meant to take a part of western Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium and France
  • Britain fights for their lives

    German troops bomb British fighters in order to try and invade England
  • Axis Powers

    Axis Powers attacks Russia with over 4 million troops
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor causing the US to be weak. Hitler declares war on the US 4 days later
  • The Allies

    The Allies
    The Allies invade Italy and take over Sicily
  • Italy surrenders(kinda)

    Italy surrenders to the Allies but German troops help Mussolini escape and set up a government in Northern Italy
  • D-Day

    Allied forces invade France and pushes out the Germans.
  • Paris's freedom

    Paris's freedom
    Paris was freed from the Germans control
  • The Battle of Bulge

    Germans attack the Allies but lose
  • Japan is Taken

    US Marines invade and takes control of Japan
  • Rhine River

    US Third Army crosses the Rhine River into Germany
  • Presidential Death

    President Roosevelt dies
  • Hitler Dies

    Hitler commits suicide when he realizes Germany has lost
  • Germany

    Germany surrenders
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    The US drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • The End

    The End
    Japan surrenders to the Allies