World War 2 Timeline

Timeline created by bachan1
  • Hitler's first "Saturday Surprise"

    Hitler's first "Saturday Surprise"
    Hitler rebuilt the German airforce, reinstating the draft, and rearming the nation. Hitler claimed that this was for defense measures solely. Even though this was against the Treaty of Versailles, other countries allowed this as to prevent war, Hitler ignord this. Hitler ignored many things that he did not find fitting.
  • Hitler second "Saturday Surprise"

    Hitler marched his army into the Rhineland, which the Treaty of Versailles set as a buffer of space between Germany and France and Belgium. Even though Hitler was not allowed to keep troops there, Hitler ignored this.
  • Hitler's alliance with Germany

    Hitler's alliance with Germany
    In the fall of 1936, Hitler allied with with Italy. The consequences of this caused Mussolini to side with Italy.
  • Hitler and Austria

    Hitler invited the Austrian Prime Minister to a meetin to which he "asked" the Prime Minster to become a part of Germany. As the Prime Minister declined this offer, he was given three days to decide.
  • Hitler takes Czechoslovakia (The Sudetenland)

    Hitler takes Czechoslovakia (The Sudetenland)
    Hitler took Czechoslovakia after a meeting between German, Italy, French, and British leaders. the compromise was that Czechoslovakia would be the last territory taken by Germany.
  • Hitler incorporated Western Poland

    In the fall of 1939, Hitler incorporated Western Poland and parts of Central and Southern Poland into Germany and named this are Warthegau.
  • Hitler made an announcement about Jews

    Hitler made an announcement to the Reichstag about how other nations were being hypocritical in the complaints about the mistreatment of the Jews.
  • Hitler and the rest of Czechoslovakia

    Hitler takes the rest of Czechoslovakia two months after his announcement about the Jews. World leaders did not say anything. World leaders did not want to start another war.
  • Hitler and his prisoners

    Hitler took a group of prisoners from a concentration camp to a town on the Polish border. Hitler dressed these people as Polish army and killed them.
  • Jews and the yellow star

    Jews and the yellow star
    By the end of 1939, Hitler mad every Jew wear a yellow star. Curfews were also forced upon Jews.
  • Hitler starts his reign over Western Europe

    Hitler takes over Denmar and Norway in the Spring of 1940. this starts his reign over Western Europe.
  • Hitler continues tkaing Western Europe

    Hitler takes over Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Hitler does this after his invasion of Denmark and Norway early in May of 1940.
  • Germany invades Russia

    on June 22nd, Germany invades Russia to rid of what he called the "Jewish-Bolshevik menace".
  • Germany is asked by Japan

    Japan asked Germany for help because they had bombed the United States the day before. Even though Hitler's advisors warned against this but Hitler disagreed.
  • Hitler and the United States

    Hitler declared on the United States after being asked by by Japan for aid. Hitler went against his advisors and still helped Japan and decalred war to the United States