World War 2- Ebony Waterman

Timeline created by Ms Mullen
In History
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

  • Germany invades Poland and Britain and France give Hitler ultimatum

  • Declare war

  • Nazis invade Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

  • Italy declares war on France and Britain; invades France

  • Germans enter paris; city undefined

  • Nazis bomb Coventry, England

  • Germans launch attacks in Ba;lans. Yugoslavia surrenders

  • Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbour, Philippines, Guam

  • U.S, Britain, and Austrlaia declare war on Japan

  • British surrender Singapore to Japanese

  • Casablanca Conference- Churchill and Franklin Delana Roosevelt agree on unconditional surrender goal

  • German 6th Army surrenders at Stalingrad- turning point of war in Russia

  • Conference: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin agree on invasion plans

  • U.S and British troops land at Anzio on west Italian coast and hold beachhead

  • D-Day- Allies launch Normandt invasion

  • Americans invade Philipines

  • Mussolini killed at Lake Como

  • suicide of Hitler announced

  • Allies declade V-E Day

  • A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima by U.S

  • USSR declares war on Japan

  • Japan agrees to surrender

  • V-J Day- Japanese sign surrender terms aroard battleship Missouri