World War 2

  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany invades poland. 3 days later Britain and France declare war on germany starting world war 2
  • Auschwitz established

    The concerntration camp Auschwitz is established
  • France surrenders to germany

    France surrenders to germany
  • Italy Declares war on France and England

  • The Battle or Britain begins

  • Germany invades the Soviet Union

  • Japan attacks pearl harbour

  • Germany and Italy declare war on the United States

    Germany and Italy declare war on the United States. The united states then declares war on Germany and Italy
  • The Allies invade North Africa

  • Mussolini resigns

  • Italy Surrenders

  • Allies free Paris

  • Assassination attempt against Hitler fails

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt dies

  • Battle of Berlin begins

  • Mussolini is hanged

  • Hitler commits suicide

  • Germany Surrenders

  • First Atomic Bomb dropped on Japan in Hiroshima

  • The United States drops a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan