World War 2

By ZH16012
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland
    Germany wanted world domination so they started to invade Poland. Within a week france and Britain was in the war against germany to end the Nazi power.
  • Germany Invades Norway and Denmark

    Germany marches to northern Europe to invade Norway and Denmark. The Norwegians Put up a fight but in the end germany took over a portion of Scandanavian territory
  • Paris Falls

    Paris Falls
    Paris was evacuated due to german forces advancing into France. France would soon surrender to German forces a couple of days later.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Britain

    Germany was trying to invade Great Britain but the brittish made the radar to track down german bombers and shot down many german bombers
  • The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
    Japanese planes were successful but the Japanese submarines couldn’t take down any remaining ships in the harbour.
  • Germany Daylight Bombing

    Germany Daylight Bombing
    US forces began daylight bombing of targets in Germany. The first attacks were against German naval targets, but a few days later, the US launched its first air raid against Berlin.
  • Allies Land in Italy

    Allies Land in Italy
  • D-Day

    American troops landed on the beach in Europe not expecting the strength of the german bunkers. American bombers later took out the bunkers