World War 2

  • MaoZedong heads Long March

    Mao Zedong led the Chinese Communists from south CHina to the caves of Shanxi. The journey was 6,000 miles which is the equivalent from New York to San Francisco and back. They crossed swampland and crossed many mountains.
  • Germany invades Poland; France and Great Britain

    Germany was pushing the limits on France and Germany's appeasment. They invaded poland with the lightning war and then France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. Germany later invaded France and took over the country and used it as a bombing area to bomb Great Britain. Hitler invaded Great Britain but they never succeded in defeating the british.
  • Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

    Japan described Pearl Harbor and Hawaii as a dagger pointing toward Japan and Japan wanted to get rid of it. They infiltrated the huge naval base and bombed it destroying many naval ships and killing a few thousand people.
  • Allies use atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    The Allies didn't want to loose about half a million + people by invading Japan. They sent a warning to Hirihito, the emperor of Japan with no reply to that they bombed Hiroshima. After receiving no surrender after that they bombed Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands of people.
  • United Nations Formed

    The United Nations was formed after WW2 to replace the League Nations. Its goal was to stop wars between countries and maintain peace.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany had been down to its last chance. It had a plan that would either fail or succeed in splitting the british called the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans failed and the Allied forces closed on the western front and Russians on the Eastern and the Germans surrendered.