World War 2

By Kraei
  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Hitlers book called Mein Kampf was a book he had written in prison while he was in there for the roaming of the beer hall. This book was very important because when you look inside of it you may see that all Hitlers diabolic plans were introduced in there. From killing the jews to taking over Poland.
  • Treaty of Versailles?

    Treaty of Versailles?
    This was the point in time when Hitler was begining his plans to let Germany be a diabolic country in the world. He soon question te treaty their country had made and he soon broke it. But all the countrys just let it slide. by braking the treaty he gained most of the Germans respect because they now respected that he and the country of Germany were going to be the best in the world if they just followed him.
  • Army is on The Way!

    Army is on The Way!
    Hitler was now going to bring a surprise to the world by telling the world that he was going to rebuild the germans milatry bases. he gave an excuse that they were just doing this for a defence system. Not to attack another country or anything.
  • Allies

    This was key point in the history where italty soon sttod side by side with germnay. They were now ging to be allies. It was a very good decision for the germans because they soon took over etheopia very easly.
  • You Talking to Me?

    You Talking to Me?
    Hitler was a very fierce man and he was now going to be feared by the austrian prme minster for what he had done to him. He asked him if he could attened a private meeting where he was insulted and threatened by him. The man was doing business.
  • One more

    One more
    during this time period hitler wanted to take over a new peice of land called Suudetenland which was locate in the Czech Republic. What else is new? Soon the Czechs turned tot ehir allies, Great Britain, Russia and France.There was a meeting that was lead by the leader of Italy which then announced that the area of Sudentenland was to be overturned tot the Germans.
  • They are All Very Foolish!

    They are All Very Foolish!
    There were many complaints that Hitler and his country were mistreating the Jews. But Hitler believed otherwise. He soon told his people that all the people in the world were wrong and that they were treating the Jews the right way.
  • Poland

    Hitler told a group of his soldiers to take a few of prsioners dressed in the polish army wear and kill them at the top of a mountain. He soon argued that the Polish were trying to target an attack on the Germans. Hitler did was he was best at doing and he sson declared war on Poland. He was going to take all the terotory.
  • Taken Down

    The Polish were done. They were not going to be under their own control they are going to be under the control of Germany. germany then took many of the professors of the Polish too the concentration camps. he was being very diliked as a leader.
  • Conquest In the West

    Conquest In the West
    Hitler was now the leader of most of the western European countrys and he created governments to control most of the countrys. Many people tried to revot against the Nazis but they were way to strong for the other countrys to handle. they cant be stopped.
  • Russia your Next!

    Hitler was now going on a steak by invading the Russians.
  • War

    Russians were now not going to revolt against the communist while the Japenese then bombed pearl Harbor. The Japeses asked the Germans to be allies with them but the germans denied. but soon enough later the germans had then declared war on the United states. The Soviets and the Bitish then parterned up with us to beat the Germans.