World War 1 Timeline of Causes

By s509136
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    World War 1

    Timeline of World War 1's causes.
  • Belgium Safety

    Britain sings a pact to gurantee the safety of Belgium.
  • Austria-Hungry loses war.

    The French beat Austria-Hungary in a war with Frans Josef.
  • Rise of Italy

    Kingdom of Italy was founded.
  • Austria-Hungary Loses Another War

    The Austria-Hungains loses a war, under Frans Josef, with Prussia.
  • France provoked war with Prussia

    France lost to Wilhelm the 1st.
  • Wilhelm! Emporer of Germany!

    Wilhelm the first was crowned Emporer of Germany in Versailles.
  • France's War College

    France establishes the "Ecole Superieure de Guerre."
  • The Dual Alliance

    Germany and Austria-Hungary create an alliance with eachother.
  • Three Emperor's League

    This was to maintain stability in Europe, unfortunately due to Austro-Russian promblems it did not succeed.
  • A New Friend

    Italy joins Germany and Austrai-Hungary to form the Triple Alliance.
  • Death of an Emporer

    Wilhelm the First dies.
  • One's Death Equals Another's Success

    Wilhelm the Second is made Emporer of Germany.
  • Death of a Son

    Emporer Frans Josef's son commits suicide.
  • Russia and France

    Russia and France agree to consult if either are attacked.
  • New Best Friends

    The Franco-Russian Alliance is created.
  • Friendship can only become Stronger

    Russia and France agree to fight for eachother if threatened by any member of the Triple Alliance.
  • Italians Crushed

    Italian army annihilated by Ethiopia at the Battle of Adowa.
  • Loved Ones always perish to Enemies

    Emperor Franz Josef's wife is assassinated.
  • The Fleet

    The Tirpitz Plan is initiated for the building of a major German fleet.
  • An Extreme Trio

    Britain creates an alliance with France and Russia.
  • War with One's Own Country

    A war starts between Serbia and Austria-Hungary.
  • Bulgarian Independants

    Bulgaria proclaims it's independence from Turkey.
  • Have an Issuse? Here's a Tissue!

    Widespread disturbances occur in Russia.
  • Yet Another Alliance

    Britain and France agree to consult eachother if faced with an unprovoked attack.
  • Council of Wars

    Wilhelm the Second calls the "War Council."
  • The Balkans Fight with Honour

    Second Balkan War occurs between Serbia and Bulgaria.
  • Two Bullets, Twenty Million Deaths

    Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo. World War 1 starts.