world war 1

  • assassination of ferdinarnd

    the assassination of ferdinand was one of the many things that stared the war
    him and his wife are assassinated on the same day
    they were burined together
  • germany delcares war

    germany delcares war on russia and france ,great britain delcares war on germany and austria hungary
    the war begain on the 3rd of auguest been france and gremnay
    a few days after great briantion and greamny and austia hungary start a war
  • hollywood california

    Hollywood california becomes the center of movie production in the us
    many movies were made in hollywood california in 1914 and even before than
    many movies were flimed and made in hollywood california in 1914
  • alexander graham bell

    Alexander graham bell makes the first transcontinental telephone call
    the wire was 3,400 feet long
    the phone call rasied all thw way to san fanciso
  • german u boats

    german u boats sink the lusitania and 1, 198 people die
    the ship sink in 18 mintines
    killing 1,198 and 761 alive
  • Aberlt einstein

    Alberlt Einstenin proposes his general theory of relativity
    he won a noble pass prize
    he was a great scienset
  • the battles verdun and somme

    the battles of verdun and the somme claim millions of lives