World War 1 1914

  • The spark of WW1

    In 28th of July of 1914, the heir of Austrian-Hungary Empire was assassinated by a serbian nationalist. The king was a bosnian, this made the Austrians angry. Austra sent a list of 10 demands to Serbia, but Serbia only met 9 demands because one of them were unacceptable. This lead to war between Serbia and Austra, Serbia had a alliance with Russia which lead Russia to join the fight. Germany steps in to help Austrio-Hungary which created the 'Triple Alliance'
  • Period: to

    World war 1

  • The Triple Alliance

    Germany is now supporting Austra-Hungary as they are in war with Serbia, this alliance doesn't only strengthen their forces but combines their army together to win wars. This contributes to the war because now alliances are coming and more fighting is happening.
  • The Ultimatum

    Austria-Hungary presents the ultimatum to Serbia.The Austro-Hungarian government waited three weeks following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne currently held by Franz Josef - before issuing its formal response. Serbia decided only to accept 9 demands except for 1. This ultimatum caused the conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.
  • The War

    The day when Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia which made everyone around the world surprised, this made Germany support Austria-Hungary which made the triple Alliance.
  • Russia Steps In

    Russia heres the word about Austria-Hungary and Serbia, immediatly Russia pledges and alliance and supports Serbia for war. Russia mobilises their troops to Serbia to fight.
  • War Onto Russia!

    Germany is angry that Russia has joined forces with Serbia declares war against them! That means 4 countries are having a war and also france is in a alliance with Russia therefore Germany must fight with Russia and France.
  • Germany Vs France

    Germany declares war against France and plans to invade Belgium. This created a massive response to Britain which made Britain join the fight as well.

    Britain declares war against the Germans which then led to New Zealand and Australia to join the fight since they are allies to Britain, their "Home." Not only them but also Canada decided to join the fight.
  • All out War once again

    Now all countries are fighting, once again Austria-Hungary declares war against Serbia, and Germany declares war against Russia. Now the alliances are fighting against eachother which is now officially WW1
  • All of a sudden attack

    Out of nowhere France and Britain has made an attackon Austria-HUngary. now obiously Germany is going to assist Austria-Hungary but Britain also has Australia and New zealand to assist them go all out.