world war 1

  • archduke franz feedinand and his wife are assassinated

    stepped from the croud and shot them right on the spot
  • germany declares war on russia and feance great britten declares war on gremany and arstrea-hungry

    grrminy in vaded belgem th pre to take france
    the french retreated to the main river
  • Hollywood becomes the movie center producer in the US

  • german U-Boat sinks the lustania

  • alexander gran bell makes first trasenital call

  • Albert Enstiein propoeses his thery of relitivity

  • woodrow wilson is realected

  • the battal of verdun and clamed millions of lives

  • the seclection servace sets up the draft

  • the us declared war on germany

  • Russia withdraw from war

  • congress passed the selection act

  • president wilson proplsed thne league of nation

  • established a communist reagen

  • first wirld war ended

  • aproves the nineteenth amendment

  • world wide influenza epidemic kills over 30 million