World War 1

By JayP1
  • 1st Event

    1st Event
    Archduke Francis Ferdinand heir to the Austria-Hungary throne and his wife are assassinated by a Serbian Nationalist in Sarejevo.
  • 2nd Event

    2nd Event
    Kaiser William II promises German support for Austria against Serbia.
  • 3rd Event

    3rd Event
    Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia and Russia.
  • 4th Event

    4th Event
    Russia begins to mobilise her armed forces. Austria-Hungarian troops invade Serbia.
  • 5th Event

    5th Event
    Official outbreak of World War I. Germany declares war on Russia.
  • 6th Event

    6th Event
    Germany declares war on France.
  • 7th Event

    7th Event
    The British Expeditionary Force lands in France to assist the French and Belgians in stopping the German offensive.
  • 8th Event

    Russia invades East Prussia.
  • 9th Event

    U.S President Wilson appeals for neutrality. The Canadian Parliament authorises the raising of an expeditionary force to send overseas and constructs Valcartier Camp to give basic training to new recruits.
  • 10th Event

    27,000 French soldiers are killed on this single day in an offensive thrust to the east of Paris, towards the German borders.
  • 11th Event

    First Battle of the Marne begins.
  • 12th Event

    First Battle of Ypres begins. The Canadian Expeditionary Force of 32,000 men lands at Plymouth, England, to prepare for fighting at the Front.
  • 13th Event

    First German air raid on Britain.
  • 14th Event

    An unofficial Christmas truce is declared by soldiers along the Western Front.