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World Music

By zyOs
  • Origin of music

    Origin of music
    ....long time ago 1901(sorry but this is the minimum date) ...the origin of music.. since the prehistorical times, the human identify with music, making songs for to pray, or to spend his time, if the human have not invented the music, maybe this world would to be really a sad and monocultural.
  • The origin of Rock!!

    The origin of Rock!!
    in this time, the world just saw the how of r5ock is, the people called it like "rocking", they start to make this fabolous music, if this afroamerican movement had no existed, maybe, we live actually, without some inspiration for do what we do.
  • Rock & Roll

    Rock & Roll
    at this time, we see how the rock and roll takes the world, elvis and chuck berry,, introduces this musical style, given to us, a different aspect for the music, if this had not happened, we could not to know what kind of music we would have now.
  • Other kind of music

    Other kind of music
    THE HEAVY METAL!!,for some person, the biggest music ever seen. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, UFO, etc, impulse this musical genere, creating great music, if this had no happened, a big cultural movement of people for that moment, maybe would not existed
  • POP music

    POP music
    derivated from Rock and Roll, the pop music takes another perspective of music, making the people dance, and enjoy a big party, if this event had no happened, maybe "Britney Spears and the Spice Girls" wouldn't have work jeje
  • Urban Style

    Urban Style
    The urban style, from afroamerican people of united states, creates the RAP music, from the undergroud people and towns, this music appears, If this music had never been born, the racism in america, would still being present
  • slow and relaxed music

    slow and relaxed music
    the reggae music was inspired in the ska and some rock, creating a culture around the music, if this kind of rythm did not exist, maybe actually a lot of young people would not know the weed :P!
  • Revolution!!

    in 70's, the music turns over, and PUNK music was born, showing a revolutionary and anarchist movement in the young people, if this kind of music had no existed, the revolution in the music maybe, would be stagnant.
  • a sad moment for music

    a sad moment for music
    John Lennon, one of the members from "the Beatles" was just killed, if this brutal homicide had not occurred, maybe we could enjoy his music at this moment.
  • Another tragedy

    Another tragedy
    Michael Jackson, an icon for all music, just died, the king of pop suffered a cardiovascular problem, who kills him, if he were alive, maybe would have wings and could fly or would be a half of robot, but, we never know, he was a crazy man, and a lot of people miss him..