Cold war

Cold War through Civil Rights- Turner

  • Ending of World War II

    Ending of World War II
    end of world war 2This is the date that Japan surrendered to the United States shortly after they dropped 2 nuclear bombs on the country. By this time, Axis forces had surrendered on almost all fronts.
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    McCarthyism, also known as the Second Red Scare, was a hunt for communism in the United States lead by Senator Jospeh McCarthy.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    Marshall PlanThe Marshall Plan was instuted by the USA in order to aid Europe after World War 2. It was a plan to send money food and medical aid to all those who needed it.
  • Ghandi Assassination

    Ghandi Assassination
    Ghandi killed News ArticleMahatma Ghandi was an Indian Leader who is very famous for leading non-violent protests and helping the country to independence from Britain. He was killed by Nathuram Godse, a Hindu who believed Ghandi was partial to muslims and did not want the country to be free.
  • China Becomes Communist

    China Becomes Communist
    A chinease leader named Mao Zedong founded the People's Republic of China or PRC and essentially founded communism in China
  • Twenty Second Ammendement Ratified

    Twenty Second Ammendement Ratified
    22 amendmentThe 22 ammendment states that the president is limited to 2 terms in office.
  • Joseph Stalin Dies

    Joseph Stalin Dies
    On May 1st Joseph Stalin, The leader of Russia since before World War 2, Had a stroke and 4 days later passed away. He was 74.
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    Vietnam War

    The Vietnam war was a war between Communist North Vietnam and South Vietnam backed by the USA. The fighting first started in 1954 and ended when the Americans pulled out of Vietnam in 1975.
  • Segregation ruled illegal

    Segregation ruled illegal
    Segregation BanBrown vs. Board of Education was a supreme court case which ruled that "Seperate But Equal" was unconstitutionl. It overturned all segregation laws in the country.
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    Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights Movement was a movent in the 1950s and 60s for African American rights. Until this time people believed that it was ok to segregate people from each other based on color. Throughout this time people like Martin Luther King Junior lead non-violent protests.
  • Warsaw Pact signed

    Warsaw Pact signed
    Warsaw PactThe warsaw pact was an agreement between 8 communist countries to come to each others defense in the event of an attack. It was in response to NATO. it consisted of Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union, Albania, and Czechoslovakia.
  • Federal Aid Highway Act

    Federal Aid Highway Act
    Dwight Eisenhower signed this bill in order to create the interstate highway system. It would take a lot longer to get anywhere had it not been for this bill.
  • Launching of Sputnik 1

    Launching of Sputnik 1
    Sputnik 1This is the day the Soviets launched the Sputnik 1 satellite into space. It was the first artificial satellite in space and marked the beginning of the space race.
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    The Space Race

    The Space Race happened when Russians and the United States were racing to get a man on the moon. It started with the Sputnik 1 Satellite launch and ended with Neil armstrong landing on the moon.
  • Nasa Founded

    Nasa Founded
    NasaThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration was founded in order to better understand and explore space. It was in response to the Russians launching the Sputnik missions.
  • Antartica Treaty signed

    Antartica Treaty signed
    AntarticaOn this day 12 countries signed a Treaty which stated that Antartica was a sientific preserve and that there can be no military activity on the continent. The countries included the United States and the Soviet Union.
  • USA severes ties with Cuba

    USA severes ties with Cuba
    The relationship between the countries had been declining since 1959 when Castro seized control of the government. On this day President Eisenhower shut down the US embassy in Havanna, Cuba.
  • Berlin Wall Built

    Berlin Wall Built
    Berlin WallThe Berlin wall was built on the border of East and West Berlin by the Soviets in order to stop peole on the communist side from migrating to the more prosperous, free side. The wall was destroyed in the 1980s
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuban Missile CrisisThe Cuban missile crisis lasted 13 days and was a standoff between Cuba who had been shipped nucleaar weapons from Russia, and the United States who was worried that they would use the missiles on them. It was solved when the USA decided to blockade Cuba and sign an agreement to never invade.
  • John F. Kennedy Assassination

    John F. Kennedy Assassination
    JFK assassinationPresident Kennedy was shot by sniper Harvey Oswald in Dallas Texas while he rode in his car in a motocade. He was in Dallas for his campaign. Oswald was killed 2 days later.
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    This act assed by the US government stated that you could not discriminate people by race or sex when hiring, firing, and promoting.
  • Troops land in Vietnam

    Troops land in Vietnam
    Vietnam WarIn response to an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, The US sends 3,500 marines to Vietnam to aid the South Vietnamese.
  • Black Panther Party Founded

    Black Panther Party Founded
    Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded this party in California. It was originally made to stop police brutality in Black areas.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    Tet OffensiveThis was a major turning point in the Vietnam war. It was a North vietnamese surprise attack on the Holiday of Tet. It caused support for the war in the USA to deteriorate.
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    On this day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, officially ending the space race. He was an American astronaut and it was part of the apollo 11 mission.
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    Cambodia Campaign

    The Cambodia Campaign was simply an extension of the Vietnam war into mostly unpopulated parts of Cambodia. Both sides used Cambodia to pull out of the war slightly which caused fighting in the area. The USA did a lot of bombing.
  • Environmental Protection agency Established

    Environmental Protection agency Established
    EPAThe EPA was established in order to help the environment during a time when pollution was on the rise. It was made by the US government and has grown significantly.
  • Washington Discrimination Ban

    Washington Discrimination Ban
    On this day Washington became the first state to ban discrimination based on someone's gender. This allowed women to apply for many more jobs.
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    The Watergate Scandal

    The Watergate Scandal was a series of illegal activities originating from president Nixon and his administration such as bugging his opponets rooms. It began when there was a breakin at the Democratic National Commitee.
  • Roe v. Wade

    Roe v. Wade
    Roe vs. WadeRoe v Wade was a supreme court case that involved a woman who wanted abortion to be legalized. She won which caused a lot of people to be angered
  • Richard Nixon Resigns

    Richard Nixon Resigns
    Watergate trialsOn this day Richard Nixon became the first president in history to resign. He resigned do to the watergate trials. The watergate trials were a series of trials against Nixon's cabinet due to illegal actions during his campaign