Distance Learning Task

By Estyshr
  • Issac Pitman

    Issac Pitman
    The father of Distance Learning.
    Began teaching and offering correspondence courses in England for people to learn shorthand
  • University of London - CLEP

    University of London - CLEP
    Allowed students to take course examinations without taking the class
  • William Rainy Harper

    William Rainy Harper
    Developed first college level correspondence courses at Chautauqua College.
  • Period: to

    Radio correspondence course

    Several universities attempted distance education through radio, unsuccessfully.
  • Great Books program

    Great Books program
    Organized by Mortimer Adler and Robert Hutchins.
    Introduced students to the classics through a four year correspondence course
  • The use of television

    The use of television
    University of Iowa was the first.
    17 educational programs were using television as part of the curriculum.
  • National Education Television network

    National Education Television network
    53 schools were affiliated with the National Education Television Network. The network shared instructional films
  • Ben&Jerry's

    Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield learn how to make ice cream through a Penn state correspondence course
  • Early online education

    Early online education
    Started in Empire State University and Thomas A.Edison University
  • Period: to

    Today's online education

    Almost all colleges and universities offer online courses - some specialize in it.