Wolves of Yellowstone

  • Period: to

    1900 to 2012

  • Wolves got killed

    The last wolves of Yellowstone got killed in 1926.
  • reintroduce wolves

    In the 1940s, park managers, biologists, conservationists and environmentalists began a campaign to reintroduce gray wolves.
  • Endangered species act of 1973

    When the Endangered Species Act of 1973 was passed, the road to legal reintroduction was clear.
  • early 1980s

    In the early 1980s, wolves began to reestablish themselves near Glacier National Park in northern Montana.
  • gray wolves

    In 1995, gray wolves were first reintroduced into Yellowstone in the Lamar Valley.
  • wolves from Canada to yellowstone park

    Several dozen wolves were captured in Canada and turned loose in Yellowstone In March 1995.
  • wolf packs

    Wolves always travel in packs so that when it is time to hunt, wolves can go after different animals at one time.
  • Maybe wolf extinction

    “I’m prepared to bid for the first ticket to shoot a wolf myself,” said Idaho Gov. Butch Otter at a press conference at the state Capitol in Boise on January 11, 2007.
  • later in 2011

    At the end of 2011, at least 98 wolves in 10 packs (8 breeding pairs), with 2 loners occupied Yellowstone National Park.
  • wolf sounds