• April 11th

    The persons accused of witch craft were examined. A very large crowd assembled. The accusted were very disturebed.
  • August 19th

    5 people were executed today. A group of people thought they were innocent including Mr. Cotton Mather. Mr. Burroughsdid much to move unthinking persons concerning his exicution.
  • Sept. 21

    A petition i sent to town on behalf of Dorac Hoar. She was in the warrant to die tomorrow. She was the first condemed person to confess.
  • Sept. 22

    People talk about publishing the trials. It rained a bunch that night. Mr. Stienbeck left and since it was rainhe was doubted to come back.
  • Nov. 22

    Samuel Sewll prays that all of his sinful wandering and diredt him in the future with gods help. He praysn that god blesses the assembly in their debates. And to Protext New England from other enemys.