Winter Break :)

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  • First Day of Break!!

    First Day of Break!!
    Woke up at 7:30 a.m and went to swim practice!! YAY. Have swim practice this time every day of break except weekends and holidays!!
  • Christmas Eve!!

    Christmas Eve!!
    Went to my Unlce Jim's house to see my dad's side of the family. Slept on the couch half of the time there because I had just came from practice!! Had a lot of fun even though I don't really like Christmas.
  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
    Wake up and sit on the couch and watch television. We had no tree this year, no wrapped presents, no picture of us when we first woke up like we used to. My mom eventually got some plastic bags out and handed me two pairs of socks, Cookie Monster pajama pants (I hate Cookie Monster), and a penguin pajama set. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
  • Gaming with the Boys!!!

    Gaming with the Boys!!!
    Went to Chris' house and played Modern Warfare 3 with Dominic and Tavian. Then watched half of Friends With Benefits. The movie was hilarious. Tavian took me to DQ before taking me home!
  • Taryn's Goodbye Party

    Taryn's Goodbye Party
    Taryn was going back to Maryland in a few days, so we threw her a party at Aj's!! Spent the night at Kylie's that night. We all took turns driving around Florissant going to restaurants.
  • 12 Sets of Winter Break

    12 Sets of Winter Break
    Almost finished with the swim practice workout of the break! The workout is so tiring, and it takes so long to finish!! One 500, Two 100 IMs, Three firecrackers, Four 200s, Five diving board jumps, Six lungbusters, Seven run arounds, Eight texas 50s, Nine= upper and lower workout, Ten 50 push, Eleven 50 pull, 12= one mile swim!!!
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    Sat at home by myself all night because my mom and dad wouldn't let me go out because my catch up work wasn't done. Got broken up with, went to sleep at 11so I didn't have to be by myself at midnight.
  • New Years Day

    New Years Day
    Woke up to a bajillion tweets about how "I'm so drunk!" and "Woooh alcohol!!!" and all I could do was laugh. Sixteen year olds are dumb. If you drink now, what do you have to look forward to when you're twenty-one?
  • Day with Tavian!

    Day with Tavian!
    Woke up around 7:30 a.m and got picked up by Tavian and taken to his house. Made a note card video for youtube, cooked breakfast, wrestled, watched dumb ghost shows, and played Modern Warfare 3!!
  • Last Day of Break...

    Last Day of Break...
    Had a meet and won! Then went to work. So exhausted, but stayed up super late working on catch-up work. Was excited to be back at school, but not to wake up early.
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    Winter Break :)