Wind Power

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  • First windmill used for Electricity

    Glasgow, Scotland
  • Professor Charles F. Brush builds a 12kW wind turbine to charge 408 batteries stored in the cellar of his mansion.

    Ohio, US
  • Scientist Poul la Cour begins his wind turbine tests in a bid to bring electricity to the rural population of Denmark.

    Askov, Denmark
  • Period: to

    A precursor to the modern horizontal wind generator is used in Yalta, generating 100kW.

    Yalta, former USSR
  • Joe and Marcellus Jacobs open the Jacobs Wind factory, producing wind turbine generators

    Minneapolis, US
  • The world's first megawatt wind turbine is built and connected to the power grid in Castleton, Vermont.

    Vermont, US
  • The Gedser wind turbine is built by Johannes Juul, a former student of Poul la Cour.

    Gedser, Denmark
  • The United States government, led by Nasa, begins research into large commercial wind turbines.

    Ohio, US
  • The world's first windfarm consisting of 20 turbines is built in New Hampshire.

    New Hampshire, US
  • In 1981 the 7.5mW Mod-2 is build by Nasa, followed in 1987 by the 3.2mW, two-blade wind turbine Mod-5B.

    Washington and Hawaii, US
  • The first offshore windfarm is created in Vindeby, in the southern part of Denmark.

    Vindeby, Denmark
  • The UK's first onshore windfarm is opened in Delabole, Cornwall.

    Cornwall, UK
  • The UK's first offshore windfarm is opened.

    north Wales, UK
  • Installed capacity of wind power in the UK reaches 2gW, with the opening of the Braes O'Doune windfarm, in Scotland, which produces 72mW of power.

    Stirling, UK