Wilma rudolph

Wilma Rudolph's Life

  • Birthdate

    Wilma Rudolph was born at Clarksville ,Tennessee in June 23, 1940. She was a premature baby and back then most premature babies didn't survive and she was not even 5 pounds as a newborn.She was often sick as a child with mumps, chicken pox, and coughs.
  • Twisted leg

    Twisted leg
    At age 4 Wilma's mom noticed that she had a twisted leg.They couldn't go to the hospital since it allowed white patients back then.
  • Childhood

    Finally at age 6 Wilma could go to the hospital and she had to wear a brace on her leg because she twisted her leg.She couldn't go to school because of her leg.She had to have a leg treatment twice a week and her siblings taught her math and reading since she couldn't go to school.
  • A miracle

    A miracle
    In 1947 Wilma could walk on her own without using her brace.This was a miracle because her doctor said she would never be able to walk without her leg brace but that didn't happened because she always had hope.Wilma started 2nd grade in a school since she didn't have her leg brace.
  • Teenagehood

    In fall of 1952 12 year old Wilma played basketball in 7th grade and she was really good at it because she was super fast.She was one of the best players in her school.
  • Beginning of Wilma's track life

    Beginning of Wilma's track life
    In 1956 Wilma didn't play basketball, instead she did track.At first she didn't win any of her races but one day her coach offered her to come the summer track program and that was her chance to get in college.She started to learn more on how to run fast, than in the end of summer she won every race she had in her track meets.She got to go yo the olympics and then graduated and went back to track.
  • Olympics

    Wilma was in Rome for the olympics at age 16 and she won the first event with a gold medal and won a gold medal in the second event and a the final race with a gold medal.She became the most famous female athlete in the world.
  • Wilma's end to her career

    Wilma's end to her career
    Wilma graduated from college and got married to Robert Eldridge.Later she grew a family of 4 children.
  • After Wilma's career

    After Wilma's career
    After her running career she taught sports to poor inner-city kids.Then she started her own company and inspired young athletes.
  • Death date

    Death date
    Wilma died in November 12,1994 and they made a statue of her to remember her.