Williams v Pryor

  • Bowers v. Hardwick

    Bowers v. Hardwick This case illegalized sodomy in Georgia. They claimed that they had the constitutional right to interfere with people's personal lives if there were moral benefits.
  • Washington v. Glucksberg

    Washington v. Glucksberg It was made illegal to help kill someone who wanted to die claiming it was not a freedom deeply rooted in the nation.
  • Williams v. Pryor #1

    Alabama Code - Division 5 Alabama makes it illegal to sell products that have no other purpose besides genital stimulation.
  • Lawrence v. Texas

    Lawrence v. Texas Bowers v. Hardwick was overturned and sodomy and in turn all homosexual acts were legalized in all the states that had legalized it. This took many of the laws that had stemmed from Bowers v. Hardwick into question.
  • Williams v. Pryor #2

    FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT No. 02-16135 D . C. D ocket N o. 98-01938-CV -S-N E The ACLU attempted to get Alabama's statute prohibiting the sale of sex toys repealed but failed.
  • Williams v. Pryor #3

    IN THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT________________________No. 06-11892________________________D. C. Docket No. 98-01938-CV-5 Alabama's statute banning the sale of sex toys was overturned because the district court concluded it lacked a rational basis and infringed on many fundamental rights and an injunction was filed against its enforcment.