Wibbly Wobbly

  • Rose Tyler--The Bad Wolf

    Doctor # 9 meets Rose and the become companions.
  • Captain Jack Harkness

    Cap. Jack Harkness, a flirtatious military officer from the 40's who is a member of Tourchwood, is introduced. Saying hello is flirting for him.
  • The Death of the 9th Doctor

    The doctor dies, regenerates, and turns in to Doctor number 10...DAVID TENNANT!
  • Doctor #10!

    Doctor #9 Dies and regenerates into Doctor #10 who is my favorite so far...:)
  • Daleks

    The Daleks invade for the first time. Being the life-long arch enemy of the Doctor, they air their first irritating episode, doomed to haunt us throughout all the seasons. EXTERMINATE!!!
  • Martha Jones--The Girl Who Fell in Love

    Doctor #10 gets a new companion named Martha. Martha is fabulous and is an actual doctor.
  • The Weeping Angels

    The first episode of the Weeping Angels is launched. The Weeping Angels are villains who feed off potential energy. They "kill" you by sending you into the past. They are made out of stone when you look at them, but when you look away, the become alive and will get you. They are fast. Unbelievably fast. Blink, and you're dead. Don't even blink. Seriously. Oh, and Duck! Good luck! No, seriously, DUCK!!!
  • Donna Noble--The Most Important Person in the Universe

    On her wedding day, Donna Noble is transported into the TARDIS, (in wedding atire) and finds out that her fiance is not who he says he is. After much heartbreak, she accepts this, and the Doctor and Donna become companions.
  • River Song--the girl out of time

  • G. I. Jenny

    The Doctor's daughter who sacrifices her life to stop a war that would never end.
  • Vashtanerada

    We are introduced to the Vashtanerada--an invisible force /creature that devours what it comes in contact with. It looms in the shadows...not every shadow, but in any shadow. Count the shadows.
  • Doctor #11

    After an emotionally draining, heart wrenching episode, The Doctor (David Tennant) dies and regenerates into Matt Smith...a quirky but hilarious Doctor who is very fond of being weird.
  • Amelia Pond--The Girl Who Waited

    Amelia Pond--the girl who waited. The Doctor said he'd be back for her when she was 6, but when she grew up, he came back. She is a spunky, fiesty, red-headed scotish girl with adorable clothes. She is the best companion yet.
  • Rorry Williams/Pond

    Rorry is Amy's adorable husband. He loves her so much. He waited 2000+ years for her, and will never leave her.
  • River Song--the girl out of time

  • River Song--the girl out of time

  • Abigail Stevens--

    The doctor meets Abigail Stevens.
  • River Song--the girl out of time