why globalization is bad

By steveo1
  • increased trade

    Outsourcing and increased international trade was becoming the global dynamic 3.
  • outsourcing

    Outsourcing enters the business lexicon. Accounting services, payroll, billing, and word processing all became outsourced.
  • mainframe

    Shift to outsourcing mainframes, PCs, and telecommunications. Outsourcing becomes very profitable with the advent of the WWW.
  • Period: to

    US jobs lost

    2.78 million US jobs were lost in foreign-owned firms between 1991 and 2001
  • billion dollars

    Outsourcing is a $100 billion per year industry
  • revenues

    Outsourcing accumulates $298.5 billion in global revenues
  • foreign competition

    “The fact that foreign competition now impinges on services as well as manufacturing raises no new issues of principle whatever. If a car can be made more cheaply in Mexico, it should be.
  • debate

    rise of outsourcing in political agenda and debate