Who made the first computer?

  • Charles Babbage

    Charles Babbage
    He built a small calculator that could go up to 8 digits. He later came up with the idea to make the difference machine which would become the first computer. Even though it wasn't built he paved the way for more people to build computers
  • Ada Lovelace

    Ada Lovelace
    Although she didn't contribute much towards the advancement of computers she was though the first female programmer ever. She was close friends with Charles Babbage which is what contributed to her being the first programmer.
  • Alan turning

    Alan turning
    He was considered the father of computer science because he contributed lots during the war against the Germans. He developed the bombe which could code break. With the work of Alan and his invention the bombe the army was able to get military intelligence with ease. After the war the work Alan did with computer science set yup the future generations with the foundation to build the first computer.
  • ENIAC programmers

    ENIAC programmers
    These were the woman who programmed the ENIAC. They helped with the goal of making a machine that could think at the speed of electricity. With out them the ENIAC couldn't have been what it was,.
  • Mauchly and Eckert

    Mauchly and Eckert
    They were both given the job to make a machine that could help with ballistics in war. after some time they purposed the idea of a digital computing machine to calculate the code of missiles. The ENIAC was born, this was a machine that could calculate the factors of missiles an provide accurate data in code form. After they finished work on the ENIAC they started a computer firm and made many computers more advanced than the last.
  • Grace Hopper

    Grace Hopper
    She pioneered the way of computer code and automatic programming. Her work on the A-0 helped push us further to our modern form of programming language
  • Mark Dean

    Mark Dean
    MARK dean was the main person to contribute to led displays and the ISA bus. with work mark did our computers wouldn't be as advance as they are now. Mark was the first to patent the gigahertz chip