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  • Laos - Food Shortages

    Laos - Food Shortages
    The Laotian government's approach to Communism leads to food shortages which causes refugees to flee to Thailand. Due to this, the government reforms its approach to Communism. One example is letting some private business operate within agriculture.
  • Laos - Elections

    Laos - Elections
    Since 1975, Laos holds its first elections. The Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) have to approve every candidate. The country remains under Communist control.
  • My Life - Parent's Marriage

    My Life - Parent's Marriage
    This is the day that my parents got married. This is important because it is essentially the start of my life, because I wouldn't be here if my parents did not meet.
  • Laos - New Constitution

    Laos - New Constitution
    Laos and Thailand come to an agreement and sign a pact of cooperation and security. With the approval of a new constituion, a new president, Kaysone Phomvihane, and a new Prime Minister, Khamtai Siphandon, are put into power.
  • Laos - President Dies

    Laos - President Dies
    President Phomvihane passes away. Khamtai Siphandon heads the LPRP.
  • Laos - Financial Crisis

    Laos - Financial Crisis
    Laos joins the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean). The currency of Laos, the kip, falls in value because of the Asian financial crisis.
  • Laos - New President

    Laos - New President
    The new president is Khamtai Siphandon. He moves to this position from his previous position as prime minister. Although no longer president, he is still alive.
  • My Life - Birth

    My Life - Birth
    July 23rd, 1998 is my date of birth. This is exactly one year after Laos joins ASEAN.
  • Laos - Capital is Bombed

    Laos - Capital is Bombed
    The capital of Laos is bombed. International anti-goverment groups are blamed.
  • My Life - First Day of Kindergarten

    My Life - First Day of Kindergarten
    Around this time would be my first day of school. This is everyone's first big step to growing up.
  • My Life - Vacation

    My Life - Vacation
    This day was my seventh birthday. For this, we took a vacation to Chicago. It was one of my favorite vacations.
  • My Life - Moving to a New House

    My Life - Moving to a New House
    Some time in late 2005, my family moved. We originally lived in South Attleboro, MA. It was a big change in my life.
  • My Life - Baseball

    My Life - Baseball
    Nearing the end of first grade is when I started baseball. This is the first sport I did and the only one that I played for more than a year.
  • Laos - The Hmong

    Laos - The Hmong
    Over 400 Hmong people concede to the Laotian authorities. Since 1975, when the Communists took over the pro-US government, this gorup of Hmong have been living outside of civilization, in jungles, as fugitives .
  • Laos - Children Lack Basic Health Care

    Laos - Children Lack Basic Health Care
    In May of 2008, the Save the Children charity gave a report on the situation of Laotian childen. They stated that roughly 69% of children in Laos lack basic health care.
  • My Life - Football

    My Life - Football
    I played tackle football for the Cumberland Colts for less than a full season around 2009. I quit because I was in a lower group than my weight by accident, but I was the smallest person in the next group up, so I did not like it and a couple of friends were in my previous group.
  • My Life - Middle School Graduation

    My Life - Middle School Graduation
    This is around the time that I graduated from middle school. This was the end of my first year as a teenager and just before entering high school.
  • My Life - Grandmother's Death

    My Life - Grandmother's Death
    This was the day that my grandmother died. It was very sad for all of us because we were all so close to her and she was a very likable and great person overall.
  • Laos - Prediction: Revolution

    Laos - Prediction: Revolution
    I predict that Laos will have a revolution. Currently the goverment of Laos is a Single-party Socialist Republic, and I predict they will have a revolution for Democracy.
  • My Life - High School Graduation

    My Life - High School Graduation
    The year of 2016 is the year I will graduate from high school. This is important because it is a step forward in my life and a step closer to the real world.