What will our school look like in 2020

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    On The Move - Our School by 2020

  • The Wireless Works!

    Wireless access is improved. Provides opportunities for large numbers of wireless devices to be working at one time. And it's fast!
  • Google Apps Roll Out

    Google Apps roll out is completed. All staff, certificated, classified and management are using this platform
  • Web-Based AERIES

    Web-based AERIES is available to provide 24/7 access to student data bases
  • Illumination

    Ongoing training is provided to teachers so they can fully utilize our student achievement database, with emphasis on formative assessment
  • Schoolloop

    New Schoolloop website is enhanced with technology links, information on common core, and other helpful educational links for teachers, parents, and students.
  • Connect Ed Improvements

    Campaign to get ALL available family email into our database to utilize fully the two way communication available in the Connect Ed System.
  • My Big Campus

    All Teachers are provided with My Big Campus Accounts. Training is provided to allow enhanced home to school communication and support
  • Parent Education

    Parents are provided opportunities to attend Family Information evenings highlighting the importance of Ed Tech as well as CCCS

    Utilize CCCS SBAC released assessment to help identify areas of strength and next steps
  • Adults Lead the Way

    All teachers will have their own digital device
  • One to One Mobile Devices

    All stakeholders are involved with creating a strategic plan for technolgy implemenation at Alamosa Park. Part of this plan will focus on creating a well articulated plan for providing one to one device access for our students
  • Digital Portfolios

    All students begin building a Digital Portfolio which will following them K-12
  • SBAC

    Students participate in the SBAC, the first digitally based state assessment.
  • Digital Textbooks

    All new Content areas will be supported by Digitial Textbooks. Our students will be ready because they will have been using one to one mobile devices for learning
  • 24/7 Learning

    We move from traditional homework to self selected areas of interest (24/7 Learning)
  • Blending Learning

    Students are benefiting from individualized instruction through blending learning opportunities.
  • Going Paperless

    Our school successully initiates a "We're Going Paperless" campaign.
  • Expanding Walls

    We expand our program to include a mix of independent study as well as classroom based instruction.
  • We are THE model!

    Alamosa Park is THE Model of Educational Excellence and Innovation