What's Your Story (Interviewee: Evans)

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    Research Assistant

    In the parliament of Ghana. over 300 employees. Got the job through an interview.Full-time job. Working hours were weekdays, 9 pm- 5 pm. The job was to provide research support for members of parliament, You need to have analytical skills, quantitative and qualitative skills, and communication skills. Left the job because of better job prospects. This one was his favourite because of the opportunity to interact with people at a national level on national issues.
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    Administrative Officer

    In the community services industry. Full time. Thirty employees in the business. From 7 am-5 pm, weekdays. In charge of the administrative functions of the organization. Involves provisions of resources. Skills needed were organization skills, leadership skills, and teamwork skills.
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    A full-time job as a manager at Baiada. Working hours are on Weekdays from 7am-5 pm. Job includes giving directions, writing reports, organizing deliveries, making timetables, production planning, etc. You need to have leadership skills. Within the manufacturing industry.