What Led to This Period 0 kimsdaij

  • Jan 1, 1215

    The Magna Carta is signed

    The signing of this document changed the idea of the king's power, which showed that even the his power was not above the law.
    The Magna Carta was written in Latin.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Native Americans live in ten major cultural regions north of Mexico

    Two major cultural regions are the Great Plains and Great Basin.
  • The First Permanent English Colony established in America

    The name of this colony was Jamestown, and the name of the group of merchants that formed it was London Company.
  • The English Take Control of the Settlement of New Netherland

    The colony was renamed New York.
  • The Mayflower Compact is signed

    The purpose of this document was to describe the way that the pilgrims would govern themselves in the New World
  • The First Thanksgiving is celebrated by the Pilgrims and Indians

  • America's first law guaranteeing religious liberty is passed

    The law is called Act Concerning Religion.
  • African Slaves are first brought to the U.S. (specifically Jamestown, Virginia)

    They were brought there to serve as indentured servants in exchange for a free passage to Virginia.
  • The fear of Witchcraft begins in Salem, Massachusetts

  • Enslaved Africans are living in every colony.

  • The First Great Awakening begins

    This movement was started because people lost religious faith.
  • All 13 British Colonies in North America are established

  • King George III is crowned

  • Prime Minister George Grenville proposes the Stamp Act

    This law required that colonists buy a stamp for every piece of paper they used.
  • The Quartering Act is passed

    This law required that colonial assemblies provide British troops with housing.
  • The Townshend Acts are passed

    This act require that tax is placed on certain goods the colonies imported from Britain.
  • The Parliament passes the Intolerable Acts

  • The First Continental Congress

    The First Continental Congress met in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The Revolutionary War begins

  • Paul Revere warns the colonists that the British are coming

  • The Second Continental Congress first meets

  • The Book Common Sense is published

    The author of the book is Thomas Paine.
  • Delegates sign the Declaration of Independence

    Thomas Jefferson wrote the draft of the Declaration of Independence.
  • The British Surrender to American Troops

    France became an ally of America during the war.
  • The Treaty of Paris is signed

    One effect of this treaty was that Great Britain was required to recognize the United States as an independent nation.