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  • Jan 1, 1215

    The signing of the Magna Carta

    The signing of the Magna Carta gave more power to loards.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    One to two million Native Americans lived in America

    a. Two of these major cultural regions were California and the Southwest.
  • First Permanent Colony Establsihed

    I learned that the trip to Jamestown took about 5 months and they had to use 3 ships to carry 105 people to the New World.
    1) Jamestown
    2) The name of the first permanent English colony in America was Jamestown. The name of the group of merchants that formed it was the London Company.
  • The first African slaves brought to America

    a. The African slaves were brought to America to do the labor work. Most slaves were already used to farming and because of their dark skin it was hard for them to escape.
  • Mayflower Compact signed

    <a href='http://http://www.plimoth.org/learn/just-kids/homework-help/mayflower-and-mayflower-compact >a
    I learned that the Mayflower ship set sailed with another ship called the Speedwell but had to turn back twice because the boat the Speedwell was leaking water.
    1) The purpose of the Mayflower Compact was to describe how they would rule themselves once they landed in the New World.
  • First Thanksgiving

  • The English Colony took Control of New Netherland

    The colony was renamed New Amsterdam/ New Netherland.
  • America's first law guarenteeing religious liberty passed

    a. America’s first law guaranteeing religious liberty was called the Act Concerning Religion.
  • Belief that there was witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts

  • African slaves in every colony

  • The First Great Awakening began

    During the Great Awakening, preachers sit up a clinic for people who wanted to teach other people the gospel to others. Orignally know as the "Log College", it is now known as Princeton University.
    1) a. The First Great Awakening began because people had lost their religious faith. People had said “the religion was kept up, but the power of Godliness was missing”.
  • All 13 British colonies in North America are established

  • The Revolutionary War Began

  • King George III Was Crowned

  • Prime Minister George Grenville proposed the Stamp Act

    a. The Stamp Act required colonists to buy a stamp for every piece of paper they used.
  • The Quartering Act passed

    a. The Quartering Acts made colonists provide British troop with housing, candles, bedding, food, and drinks.
  • Townshend Acts passed

    1) These laws required colonists to pay taxes on goods such as glass, paint, paper, and tea.
  • Paul Revere warned colonists tht the British were coming

  • The First Continental Congress

  • The Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts

  • "Common Sense" was published

    The aouthor of this pamphlet was Thomas Paine
  • Second Continental Congress

  • The Delegates sign the Declaration of Independence

  • British surrendered to American Troops

    France became an ally of America during the war.
  • The Treaty of Paris was signed

    [The Treaty of Paris was signed](http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/treaty-of-paris-signed)
    1) the signing showed that America was now a free nation
    2) America was a free country