Clash royale league lead 1

What is clash royale? A little bite in the history

  • The legend start

    The legend start
    In the past a new game officially emerged, clash royale made by a potential company of that time, supercell would feature a before in strategic games.
  • They ran to the victory

    They ran to the victory
    in july clash royale creates the taurnaments this is a new mode to pay some more competetive that's a little bite of what would come later
  • Here comes a new challenger

    Here comes a new challenger
    In 2017 the game got a good welcome and new events rise, for example; in spain the liga chispitas
  • The field shine

    The field shine
    because de big mass of people clash royale put a new section "Las ligas"
  • The king awoke

    The king awoke
    sergioramos:) he was a old pro player, he won the tournament the Crown Championship in 2017
  • Clash royale got a gold season

    Clash royale got a gold season
    in 2018-2019 clash royales laid in the most poular mobile games because events and more, thanks to this claash royale enter in the golden season.
  • The holy war

    The holy war
    in 25 april 2018 began the clans wars clash royale became a little more competitive
  • The titan fell

    The titan fell
    in 2018-2019 clash royales fell, the people angry because the cards bufs nerfs and limitend cards in the events caused caused the move to braw stars, this is the end?...
  • The holy war 2

    The holy war 2
    the old season its over and the new season came soon this haves a big changes in the game for example the battle boat..
  • rise CR RISE! we are live again

    rise CR RISE! we are live again
    The cut has nothing? yes and they learn for a comunity, the change has necesary, the champions they are wery important, why? hype they were something expected and longed for but not only were they the key to a return, the shitpost has a important key because? the nostalgia for the king "jijija" that is all. its time to go a new season