WHAP: Stearns 20

Timeline created by AveryAlmy
  • 1415

    Portuguese capture Ceuta

    This marked the beginning of European expansion.
  • 1441

    First shipment of slaves brought directly from Africa to Portugal

    The Slave trade would begin to arise throughout the Atlantic.
  • 1562

    Beginnings of English Slave Trade

    The English Slave Trade would be huge, like the Portuguese one. The English would trade slaves, eventually in the triangular trade routes, and many were sent to their colonies,
  • Fall of Songhay Empire

    This empire exposed smaller African tribes that were once protected by this African empire.
  • Dutch establish colony at Cape of Good Hope

    The Dutch were able to use this colony to effectively navigate around Africa.
  • English get right to import slaves to Spanish empire

    The English were massive partakers in the slave trade at this time.
  • Abolitionist movement gains strength in England

    There was an opposition to Slavery, and eventually, if not for a while, it would be successful in abolishment.
  • Slave uprising in Haiti

    Slaves rebelled. Although they were not usually successful, a few rebellions were.
  • Cape Colony comes under formal British Control

    The British, at this time, would begin the establishment of the largest maritime empire in history.
  • Great Britain abolishes slavery in the West Indies

    Abolitionists kept fighting, and finally got their way 40 years later.