The Story of a Slave Family

By kaf6804
  • Slave Ship

    Slave Ship
    A slave family is taken from Sierra Leone by the slave ship, the Cambridge Sail.
  • Arrival in Boston

    Several months later, they arrive in Boston. On the journey, the mother and father died, leaving the children, So (10) and Curassa (14.)
  • Arrival at Newport, RI

    Arrival at Newport, RI
    Their remaining family members, a brother and a sister are transferred to another ship since they were not sold in Boston. The slave ship that the brother and sister are now on, the Elizabeth, is taken by pirates in Boston. The pirates drop them off in Newport, RI and sell them. The Narragansett family buys the little sister (So, 11) and the indentured craftsmen buys the brother (Curassa, 14). So lives on/ w/ relatives on the plantation.
  • Going to Maine

    The freed indentured servants go up to what would later be York, Maine to get the business they were promised. They take the boy with them, now grown up. He lives there with his family when he gets older, his family working for the ex-indentured servants.
  • The First Marriage and Children

    So (15) has illegitimate twins, Mary and Daya. Cussara (18) marries Secar (17.)
  • Whay is born

    Cussara and Secar’s child, Whay was born. Second child, Mila born.
  • Mila is born

    Second child of Cussara and Secar, Mila born.
  • Cussara dies

    Curassa dies of smallpox.
  • So dies

  • Osay and Basil are born

    Osay and Basil, descendants of Mila, and Eliza, descendent of Whay are born.
  • York Boston Tea Party

    York Boston Tea Party
    Osay (19,) Basil (18,) and Eliza (19) join their slave owners to join the imitation of the Boston Tea Party in York, Maine that was caused by the anger towards the British about the Tea Act.
  • US Declaration of Independence

    US Declaration of Independence
    The US declares independence from Great Britain.
  • Fanny born

    Basil’s descendant, Fanny born.
  • Fanny marries James

    Fanny (15) marries James (16) to the advantage of their owners.
  • The War of 1812 Begins

    The War of 1812 Begins
    A war with a really uncreative name begins.
  • Clover is Born

    Clover is Born
    Alice (17), a descendent of So, gives birth to Clover. The father is Jackson Narragansett, the slave owner.
  • Alice and Clover are Sold to the Johnsons.

    Jackson Narragansett sells Alice and her child to a family who are going out West because of the land rush caused by the Louisiana Purchase, the Johnsons. They go to modern day Utah. He does this to get rid of the proof of his unfaithfulness to his wife.
  • Freedom?

    1820 - Maine becomes a free state and Cussara's relatives, Fanny (25), James (26), Chas (6), Mo (5), and Alfred (2) are freed by the Missouri Compromise.
  • Fanny is No More

    1823 - Fanny dies.
  • James' Funeral

    1825 - James dies.
  • Jobs for All

    1831 - Chas (17) and Alfred (13) move to Massachusetts to work at Lowell Mills. Mo (16) takes over the small shipping business that was passed to them by their parents.
  • New Family

    1835 - Chas (21) married Betty (20) and had Burrell.
  • Hello, Newborn

    1836 - Chas’s second child, Ellie, is born
  • Good bye Chas

    1837 - Chas dies from infection.
  • New Family

    1840 - Alfred (21) and Mo (24) lives with Chas’s children, Burrell (5) and Ellie (4,) and takes care of them.
  • Attack of Tuberculosis

    1841 - Alfred (22) dies of tuberculosis.
  • Death of Mo

    1844 - Mo (28) dies.
  • A Dark Secret

    1849 - Mali (20), a descendent of Clover, is murdered by her psychotic owner, Alphonse Johnson, after telling him that he couldn’t keep her family since the territory was not a designated slave area. He tells the family that she died in a farming accident.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    1850 - Utah becomes a territory and is voted a slave state. The Fugitive Slave Act is passed.
  • Under the Wing of the Underground Railroad

    1852 - A couple years later, her husband and children, Edward (25,) Misha (10,) and Jensen (12,) find out that Alphonse Johnson lied about Mali. They realize that they are also in danger, so they attempt to escape. On the way there, a Northerner recognises Edward from a wanted poster and turns him in because of the Fugitive Slave Act. Misha and Jensen are able to take refuge in a Quaker’s house in Kansas. They join the Underground Railroad from there.
  • Escape

    1853 - Misha (11) and Jensen (12) escape to Saskatchewan, Canada through North Dakota.
  • New Family Member

    1855 - Still a slave, Edward (28) has an illegitimate child, Sarah.
  • Case Closed

    1857 - The verdict of the Dred Scott Case is decided.
  • For Your Safety

    1858 - The brothers send a letter to their father asking if they can come back home. Edward (31) then goes to talk to Alphonse Johnson’s son, Brett Johnson about the freedom of his sons if they come back. Because of the result of the Dred Scott Case, Brett says no.
  • Death in the Family

    1859 - Edward (32) dies.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    1863 - Emancipation Proclamation is made. Sarah (8) is freed from slavery and given a plot of land from the Johnson’s farm.
  • 13 Amendment

    1864 - The 13th Amendment is passed. Slavery is abolished. The descendents of Burrell and Ellie now know that they are forever safe from slavery.
  • Moving Back

    1865 - After hearing the news that slavery has been abolished, Jensen (24) and his wife, Joy (20,) and Misha (23) leave Canada. They travel back to where they were slaves in Utah.
  • Peaceful Living

    Jensen (25,) Joy (21,) and Misha (23) meet Sarah (11) and they live on their inherited plot of land together.
  • Freedom

    Slavery is no more, forever, and this family’s tale of slavery ends.
    “Freedom is never given; it is won.”
    - A. Philip Randolph