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West Virginia Timeline

  • WV becomes a state

    WV becomes a state
    WV is declared a state by president Abraham Lincoln.
  • WV capital changes

    WV capital changes
    WV changes its capital from Wheeling to Charleston.
  • WV African American voting

    WV  African American voting
    West Virginia gives African American men the right to vote.
  • Monongah Mine incident

    Monongah Mine incident
    An explosion in the monongah mine kills 361 miners.
  • State sales tax

    State sales tax
    West Virginia introduced the states first sales tax .
  • Coach James Jarrett

    Coach James Jarrett
    Former coach James R. Jarrett was named head basketball coach at Charleston Highschool
  • Danny Heater event

    Danny Heater event
    Danny Heater played a highschool basketball game and scored a total of 130 pts. His score was recorded in the guiness world records.
  • WV flooding

    WV flooding
    West Virginia expeirences some of the worst flooding ever in history.
  • Govenor Manchin

    Govenor Manchin
    Govenor Manchin closes up all mines in the state for safety reviews after 14 miners die in accidents in a single month,
  • Upperbranch mine incident

    Upperbranch mine incident
    An explosion in the upperbranch mine results in the deaths of 29 miners and the countries worst mine disaster in decades.