• 1865 BCE

    Tacoma, Wahsington

    Tacoma, Wahsington
    In Tacoma their is a sawmill, people like to visit there. There is ton of things that are made there out of wood. Tacoma was founded 150 years ago.
  • Lewis and clark

    Lewis and clark
    Lewis and clark had an expedition for finding a all water route from the Mississippi to the pacific ocean. They did not find it but they did see the Lolo Pass.
  • Anchorage Alaska

    Anchorage Alaska
    Alaska is the biggest state. in Alaska one of the sports is dog sledding. A big dogsledding race is held the it is called the iditaroad the first one was held in 1876
  • Cailifonia

    In California there is a lot of movies made there. In Hollywood California there is the walk of fame. One of the cool things they do in California is their special effects they can make things that aren't real look real with cool special effects.
  • Honolulo, Hawaii

    Honolulo, Hawaii
    Hawaii is one of the biggest tourisms states. It became a state on August 21, 1951. Another industries is sugar cane.