Wesbrook CAPS Summer 2012

By cstiern
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    The History of Media Piracy

    The beginning marks the early years of film company's legal strife with the VHS piracy. The end marks the inception of SOPA/PIPA and through today to their current status of revision.
  • Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc.

    "Betamax" case - Involved Sony being sued for developing a video recording system that would be capable of infringing on current copyright laws. This case set up future standards on whether or not a device with recording/copying capabilities could be halted on the grounds of lawbreaking potential.
  • Protect IP Act - PIPA

    PIPA is introduced to the senate with the hopes of stopping online websites that have the potential to distribute pirated content. PIPA largely focused on blocking foreign websites.
  • Stop Online Piracy Act - SOPA

    SOPA is introduced to the senate in attempt to block potential copyright infringing websites as well as stopping search engines from linking any sites with pirated content.